Exchange Woes, Coinbase Conspiracies and Australian Tour

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  1. Im finally back home in Tassie tomorrow, will there be any more Tassie meet ups? Would have loved to have been able to come to the last one.

  2. Could you please provide a link to the Sydney meetup? Somehow 10 minutes of searching google and facebook have yielded no result. Thank you!

  3. BLUE has the potential to change the adoption rate in the crypto space, dev update tomorrow and expect this to 10X minimum when people start hearing about it, as soon as this gets on some of the bigger exchanges it will be 100X

  4. It was a SETUP! From the time “they” drove Bitcoin way past $10,000 to as high as $21,000! This was a 9/11 against Bitcoin. And Coinbase, Roger Ver and Jihan Woo have blood on their hands.They were behind all this.

    “They” drove Bitcoin’s price up to $21,000. But no one noticed as investors were too high on dopamine to notice They KNEW it was going to sponsor talk of a Bitcoin bubble. Every youtuber was “warning” that we were in a Bubble. They KNEW that people were expecting a pop in the price of Bitcoin when it hit the CME, as it had done so the prior week when it was listed on the CBOE. Instead, Bitcoin’s price started to drop and that’s when they piled on sell orders at each $500 level Bitcoin tried to move up through. Coinbase is complicit in this scheme. They were always in support for BCash from the start. Instead of adopting SEGWIT addresses for Bitcoin (which they said they would) they dropped SEGWIT support in place of adding BCash to their exchange. And there was insider trading going on in favour of BCash BEFORE it was listed on CB. This…. was….. all…..ORCHESTRATED. “Operation Dragon Slayer” part 2.

  5. I'm in Adelaide and can't find any info on your Australian Tour. Can you send me a link so I can organise myself to get there. Also we have accommodation here you might be interested in if you haven't already organised something for Adelaide. Cheers

  6. Sorry… WHO exactly is pushing back against lightning network and off-chain scaling solutions? They arent even implemented and can be run by the public. That is Blockstream's fault, not the miners and wallets. They have had forever to get their shit together, and people are fed up… hence BCH

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