Evil Morty’s Plan Theory – Rick and Morty Season 3 Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 173)

Rick and Morty season 3 has answered some questions, but also made even more questions. Evil Morty was one of those questions… We did see a lot more of …




  1. I'm wondering if Rick might have experimented on his original Morty to increase his intelligence and maybe that experiment got a little too far out of hand.Whatever the plan Evil Morty is working with it seems very complicated to have come from the mind of the Morty we know (no offence regular Morty).Our Rick kind of alluded to such a thing at the end of :"Rick Encounters of the Rick Kind".

  2. Wait the person in the back has 15 percent which is 3 percent more votes more then the twelve percent one in the front so the election is a scam

  3. Morty is Rick c-137, even though theyve technically both died many times. If not, then there's something deeper into bird persons photo.

  4. If only Morty didn't meet evil Morty, then I could say a theory that Morty is Evil Morty, but sided with Rick, taking the citadel to try gather an army to defeat us, explaining the fourth wall breaks. Though he could be an actor…

  5. Why are there no female ricks in the citadel of ricks there’s infinite ricks so there must be a female rick oh maybe male ricks are true ricks and female ricks are not true ricks or some thing like that idk but you could make a theory about that

  6. Eh the flood of Mortys was a ploy to take over the citadel later in the series
    The long dragged out ideas here don’t touch down on the main ideas of the show
    A huge portion of coverage channels don’t make actual videos that has facts they just Shamalan the entire source material to fit that episode……

  7. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, I just eat a half box of Simple Ricks and none of this concerns me at all. Geez, not sure why everybody is overthinking the US election satire, gosh.

  8. Oh i think i might have the answer. Or atleast something which is very entertaining to imagine. But i dont think i'll ruin it before its time. As for the idea Evil Morty wants to create equality? I rate that at zero.

  9. Okay but evil morty set up Rick, he killed other Rick and made it look like Rick did it. Why go through all that trouble if not related to something rick did? My think that's his original morty, that's how he does that a cocky morty is dangerous.

  10. the episode was "shoved" into the middle of the season because it was part of the joke. The Ricklantis Mixup, the title, tells you it was supposed to be an atlantis episode, but there was a "mix up." its part of the joke…

  11. Cheek out Rick and Mortys playlist on spotify, set it on shuffel play, and listening to the music. And also, pay attention to what people sing about. Do you guys remember the robot who pass butter, that is what the musican does. Very few can put words or talk about feelings that is comming through music. But it reflext you, your life is about you, this is sick. Evil Morty use a computer or a machine rick. That he is controlling, there is a lot of Mortys out there (the ones who follow others, not typical a leader or sociopath as Rick is more or less (we love Rick), Morty is more a great thinker). Identety is a strange consept, we humans are not what we think we are, we have a delucion of a ego.

  12. If they take the Evil Morty is evil route, which is really where this would logically go, they will be forced to make him a right wing ideology since the leftists that run entertainment are actually fascists. However, watching and hearing what Democrats are doing right now, they may be forced by their leftist bosses to make Evil Morty actually good Morty. In the new violent fascism is justified left wing, they may decide to force the creators to make Evil Morty "actually" be doing all of these evil things to help everyone and make everyone better. Then of course, Evil Mortyy's rise to power looked a lot like Obama's. But because Evil Morty is white, I don't think Democrats will tell their leftist bosses to make him good for that reason like I once did. I think it will be to support this new fascist violence is justified leftism that has overtaken the party. In this case, Evil Morty will have left wing ideology because fascists want their side to always seem like the good guy's side.

  13. Socialism is the biggest evil, it's voted for by immigrants and working classes and ends with saddam-style dictatorships. Voting to give someone ultimate power to enforce social equality or social justice is evil, that's the arch of this story.

  14. You know when he talks about Facism and then shows Stalin, and Lenin. Lol I laughed so hard. Russia is communism. You need Mussolini representing Italy to actually have a symbol for Fascism. GO TO SCHOOL SCRUB!

  15. I think evil morty is trying to get back at rick c 137 because he might actually be hes original morty+ they have met and fought before. I have a fact that might support that and its the sentence that rick said on the first episode we met evil morty:"dont get too cocky,cocky morty is a bad thing to everyone", and when morty asks why rick is avoiding to answer.that might be because of evil morty being as smart as rick and getting cocky so things went bad.just a theory (:

  16. Rick's message: (1) nobody is special or unique. (2) there are winners and losers. (3) this makes us upset enough to vote for psychopaths who promise to change the system. (4) which of course they won't, because the system is just us.

  17. Evil Morty wants to use the combined intelligence of the Ricks to duplicate the szechuan sauce recipe and dominate the universes by being the sole supplier.

  18. Well evil morty plan is more than to get revenge on Rick that evil morty plays fast and lose from elections to understand to control of the city of Ricks and mortys because he knows about the depression and pain that this city is full of straight up of the revolution to the multimeter to rob these messages from its meaning so evil morty line it's time for action means for the whole thing that Ricks and morty can be used to a total waste of time as the leader of these city that he is just useing them because he knows they won't put up a fight and try rise up against evil morty so maybe c137 Rick might not be aware of this intrer thing so Rick might know this all time to train north to take evil morty down

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