Erick Erickson Can’t Believe People Are Doing Conspiracy Theories

In this Majority Report clip, Erick Erickson: a man so Erick they named him Erick. We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report’s …




  1. Reality disagrees with delusional right wing ideology. That's why right wingers emigrate from reality to alternate reality, also known as "bullshit mountain". This often materializes as crazy conspiracy theories and trolling.

  2. What's with the constipated look of these guys…Erickson,Carlson and Hannity all look like they have serious bowel issues.

  3. As much as I hate body language "experts" watching this dude look all around the room as he gives his talking point, is the most obvious tell in history. Never go gambling with Erick Erickson, but do gamble against him.

  4. For some reason whenever I think of the "both sides, some say this others say that, 50/50" nonsense from the MSM, Chuck Todd always comes to mind.

  5. Yeah we also know the facts about the first World Trade Center Bombing ……. I would certainly say that qualifies as a conspiracy

  6. The deceit has been extraordinary over a very long time. Why, what, and how does this even pass for reporting or anything other than a platform to lie referring to Red State and NBC. It’s a joke and hard to even watch. We didn’t forget and we sure as hell don’t forgive. None. We are unified. This GOP isn’t an ideology that can even exist as the opposition in our government without being met with a forceful response.
    It’s got to be gone wholesale and it may include the Supreme Court. In fact I think it may have to. I don’t know what to do with them now. I really don’t see how they get any legitimacy back. And we have 3 young ideologues fresh out of the youth camps of this cancer for life staring at us. I don’t see it as being realistic or even possible. I’d rather rip their heads off.
    Oh yeh I’d be ready for the Senate and Judicial branch of our government helping to move power to the executive unconstitutionally while saying its constitutional and doing what they want. Best case scenario is looking like Democratic control of the House that’s being sidelined by the other branches and inside the Congress itself by the Senate to complete a take-over. They are one step away from just taking it now. This dog is rabid. No doubt about it and they don’t get tired they only die. So I hope you’re not to tired or cheerful even if Dems win the House.
    The GOP are a domestic enemy and we have the evidence to prove it. This is an argument that’s hard to perceive because this GOP is our government now but they are moving fast to consolidate power and the rules don’t seem to matter. The coupe has already happened in a very real way. They are illegitimate now. All 3 branches. They literally rigged our elections to get power and are now looking to make a democracy modeled on the Kremlin to Duma relationship.

  7. I wish it were reasonable to say, "just ignore trolls like Erick Erickson!" but the truth is that they spread their fascism whenever nobody shines light on them

  8. Erick Erickson, Lars Larson, Hue Hewitt and Eddie Edwards.

    These are real names of Republican politicians…

    Ask yourself if people who come from parents that thought it was good to name your child like this are people you want to vote into high public offices.

  9. Being "conservative" means, by definition, being at war with the truth, because, as the saying goes, reality has a known liberal bias.

  10. Chuck Todd is an example of the worst in journalism. Of course he wouldn't really ask Erickson about his own statements or tweets.

  11. If the caravan WAS in fact organised by Democrats and funded by Soros, he would have us believe that they couldn't adequately arrange it arrive at the same time as the elections – especially as Soros has the ability to hire any necessary buses to get them there on time?
    Raving lunatics!

  12. There is a lot that binds the 99% together in this country. We just have to learn to fight together for it as hard as the 1% fights to funnel dollars into their own individual pockets.

  13. People should look into why fatfuck erick erickson's fat fucking head is so fucking fat. Did he eat Seth Rich? Did he snack on some Guatemalan children? I've heard…

  14. That was about the most pathetic display of hosting I'v seen in quite some time. That show hasn't been worth watching since Tim Russert was host. I could see Sam doing that job rather well, in fact, I used to see him on MSNBC and think, he should have his own show. That was before I knew he did.

  15. Erickson is dumb as a stump. Erickson is so dumb that he cannot leave the breakfast table because the orange juice commands him to CONCENTRATE.

  16. I thought Erik Erickson got famous by telling Conservatives to answer the door with a shotgun in hand during Obama's 2010 Census.

  17. Notice how he says we would need some external threat to bring us together. It's always about FEAR, and they think the right-wing in america has absolutely no responsibility to learn from their mistakes or learn anything at all for that matter about what is truth or good policy.

  18. Not going to happen. i know people who still believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton were behind the death of Vincent Foster, despite the fact that it was debunked almost 30 years ago. As far as I'm concerned those people are so far lost that they are never coming back.

  19. NBC doesn't even get half the views of FOX news. Why do they bring this right wing nut on TV? For views? To seem unbiased?

    No this is pure propaganda by the permanent state. They put this on at gyms, airports and other venues all over the country to reinforce the corporate democrat narrative by keeping the conversation to be about bullshit.

  20. The republicans are good at one thing. They realize how many airheads knuckle heads scumbags wackos and dumb fucks that are out there is in this country who will swallow everything they are told. Why???? Keep their minds off the ball and tell them some of the most outrageous things so when they fuck these airheads out of their Medicare Social Security deny them healthcare they will never know what happened to them. Thats the game they play. By the way the last time I watched Meet The Press Tim Russert was there haven't watched it since

  21. Erick “jaba the hut” erickson: the embodiment of those conservative values of personal restraint and responsibility, as evident by the existence of his third chin.

  22. The bombs were fake. Nikolas Cruz was a patsy. Cesar is a patsy. The teacher saw a shooter in full garb, dressed like a swat member while shooting down the hallway. Broward County is giving Chicago and New York some real competition on the most corrupt places in the US.

  23. Believe every narrative that the government or mainstream media pushes. When you read emails via Wikileaks stating the DNC has journalists that they only need to tap on the shoulder and they run with their story maybe it makes it hard to just take everything at face value. Erick Erickson is an ass but so are you if you think that Americans haven’t earned the right to be skeptical of what is spoon fed to them.

  24. And with Vince Foster, it’s very sad. But I am assuming that if on July 20, 2017 a disheveled Michael Cohen was found dead of a single gunshot wound amid a Travelgate or Russiagate Taxi medallion controversy that he himself was possibly going to have to give congressional testimony regarding, there would be conspiracy theories. The man killed himself, anyone that follows matters such as these would know this. Unfortunately there are people that prey on the uneducated masses to score political points. This is bipartisan in nature sadly. Yet another reason we should all be skeptical of whatever narrative they are trying to spoon feed us.

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