Eric Korpela talks about SETI, Aliens, and Government Conspiracies

Eric, a project scientist at Berkeley SETI talks about what got him into SETI, why the aliens people are talking about always seem to look like the ones in …




  1. Its great that real scientists like this are looking for ET.  Statistics suggest to me that there must be life out there.  Maybe some of that life is intelligent and have been beaming out signs of life for thousands of years, we just haven't "seen" them yet.  Happy to lend my pitiful computer power to help.  A noble quest for sure, keep up the good work.

  2. As one who has had the enormous privilege of meeting Dr Korpela face to face, I can confirm that he is totally dedicated to the Seti cause, and an all round great guy as well. But he must know  that it is moot whether the worlds security services would allow Seti to publish a confirmed contact.

  3. It would be very interesting, for those who know little English, these videos had some kind of translation or at least subtitle them the Spaniard Gracias.-

     Sería muy interesante, para los que sabemos poco idioma inglés, que éstos vídeos tuvieran algún tipo de traducción o al menos subtitularlos al español- Gracias.-

  4. Wouldn't it be nice to know more about how SETI has evolved since 1999 and what is being done to make it more efficient.  Wouldn't it be nice if SETI were offered some free bandwidth on NASA NET to transfer data instead of the sneaker net they are forced to use today. Wouldn't  it be nice to sit down with the White House Science lead and talk about how SETI might use funding if it were provided to improve SETI at home data collection, Processing, and examination.   
    Wouldn't it be nice if SETI had a backup site that could also be used as a confirmation tool?

    Thanks Eric, was an entertaining interview,,

  5. Thank you BerkeleySETI,
    It's great to get to know the real people behind this great search that I am a part of, but know very little about.

    Thanks again

  6. Giving 100% to the cause, started at 3:25am and will continue through out the day. Work done 116270 with The Knights Who Say Ni! how could i possibly pass a team with a name like that? haha! Be well all, and stay frosty :)" shared "

  7. Exactly!  I've seen some UFO's up close; though I have no proof!  I've never seen another exterrestrial being; However, I did have the lovely experience of saying the Lord's prayer with God (Jesus) once. I do have proof of that as I was with another person when this happened.  We were in the mountains for over 40 days and nights.  

    Anyway, what the dear Lord has told me is this. . . . . The only bloody way and exterrestrial can travel any distance in the universe, you have to have God's permission!  And if you do not learn to take care of your own home first (Earth), you will never receive this permission.  Because, like Star Trek, you may not interfere with a world's freedom of choice.  The "world" being the beings upon it!

    I have a saying as I am an real estate appraiser as well "Take care of your home, it will take care of you"  which is what the Pope is currently saying!  In our lifetimes, Seti will never find a signal, it takes longer that that just to the nearest star no less one that has intelligence on it.  I've been running Seti since it came out.  

    Have we been visited?  Maybe, God will never let us know.  Was the earth created in 7 days?  What's a day to God?  There is no time with God, we are in the seventh day!

    The one thing I have to admit God did give us, is the curiosity (we are really cool cats!) to try and find out.  Maybe some day we will honor the earth and God will honor us with his presence yet again!  God bless us all for trying!  Nobody said it's easy!

  8. He is a smart person, but anyone that laughs at his own comments, well isn't really saying what he wants to say about the subject. We are not alone in this universe.

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