a conspiracy q&a talking about the end of the world theories, illuminati theories, and more! Loey’s vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rfBe_ylw4k&t=2s Nicola’s vid: https://www.youtube.com/watc…




  1. I think nuclear war will definitely be the end. Not so much of the planet, but of humanity. It will definitely make a huge chunk of our population disappear. But the planet will still be here. And it probably will start healing. After all humans are the ones destroying the planet. So with less of us…..the earth will probably heal.

  2. Same the earth can’t handle the abuse we give it. Respect the planet that gives you life… literally can’t breathe with the earth 🌏

  3. I feel like I’m the only one that likes her but my first celebrity crush was Abby from ncis I literally named my favorite stuffed animal after her I was such a weird child

  4. I am a religious person and I do think the world is going to end for that reason but I respect everyone’s opinion but I do agree maybe it will end with climate change and nuclear war.

  5. i think it is climate change bc in the northeast one day it’ll be 75 and sunny and the next day we’ll have a snow day bc it snows like that’s not very normal

  6. I don’t believe the world is ending on a specific day because here can be the 18th but in China is the 19th. Like you said it could end any day. It’ll either end because of climate change, large meteor, etc. Mostly climate because right now it’s snowing on places where it rarely or never snows during this month. I’m from the Caribbean and the hurricane grew strong because of the heat of the ocean. It was a scary experience but now I think I’m used to it. I do know it’s not normal. People don’t believe in it because they never experienced the worst part of it. Irma was an insane hurricane. I hope this September no hurricane forms with the strength of Irma nor worst, because the destruction it causes is the worst and horrible recovering process. I don’t wish it on anyone. I know because I went though it.

  7. 10:12 you with Rachel mcadams is me with Mila Kunis, like as a kid I would see Mila Kunis on the tv and literally blush and smile and think she is so so gorgeous and I was so confused but it makes sense as I am older, I am a lesbiannnnn 🌈🏳️‍🌈

  8. So once i had a dream that my dad's car was driving by it self and my sisters were in my dream and the nexrt day i tell my sister's my dream and both of my sisters tell me they had the same dream 😨😱

  9. Just a thought, if the world just began BANG and there was life! Couldn’t the world just randomly end? I think it can following that logic!? 🧐

  10. Last Tuesday we were outside for PE because it was 70 degrees outside and Sunday snowed today it was thirty degrees (I live in America so all of this is Fahrenheit ) so idk but the weather is being ridiculous

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