Elliot Rodger Conspiracy Theories Debunked

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  1. Shut the fuck up all of you with your fake illuminati bullshit you have all been brainwashed into thinking that it is real through television and the internet to disguise you from the truth which is we are moving towards a new world order meaning the whole motherfucking world is under one government I bet you dont want that do you? They paid celebrities to wear clothing a with a triangle and eye on it or have an all seeing eye in their concert so that you may be fooled towards the truth of the world which is that there is no satanic group called the illuminati and that the triangle and eye is evil but there are satanic groups but the illuminati is not one called the illuminati in 1776 the illuminati was created to support America when it was first established as the United States. Most of the people were Egyptian so as a thank you the Americans decided to have the triangle with the all seeing eye of Horus an Egyptian god who is not evil. And this thing about the masons, they worship god I know someone that is a mason he tells me all about the things they do.. Please help save the brainwashed by reporting this comment and help the world realize the truth!

    by Sev Tusc

  2. Again I have won the shit lottery by clicking before looking but when you are looking at news feed and a asshole like Mark dice uses it to get views it happens my first reaction is to click off in disgusted when I hear Mark Dices voice but instead of wasting my view I deal with the torture of my bad choice there are so many traps with a story like Elliot Rodgers. I am not in the mood to give you a thrashing but…..

    Mark Dice Description: high function schizophrenic, below average, fat but skinny, old but young, tans to much, oily head and hair, wrinkle forehead, loud obnoxious voice. overly inflated ego, bigoted, annoying.

    Glad the video wasn't to long I always have to turn the volume down lower then half because of you're voice its very offensive. This video had no information about anything you spent the whole time complaining about how other people do the same thing you do as I said you are a high function schizophrenic they are not but it is the same in the end with these videos you do when a "hot topic" is in the media or when someone puts out a album or performed a show recently yes very slick con man. You are trying hard to build something fame money off of peoples fear. First time I saw one of you're videos was someone sent me a link and they only send me the worst and most stupid useless bullshit I should have known better I heard one of you're videos and what I heard was a lot of nonsense and thought okay hes a con man but before I judged fully I was going to see you're page and then I saw "eBooks" for sell I just said "okay that is what I thought" but you sit here act so noble like you want to help people but do the same thing as the Illuminati which you base you're life off of true or not think you're videos will help anything No its just to get you fame and money. since then I have mistakenly clicked on a video of yours to my unfortunate but its so rare by accident happens like max 4 times a year or so I watch the video and leave a comment I felt somewhat bad about the last one I left but I didn't lose sleep the videos get worse and worse you never have proof ever just talking like everyone else and showing pictures this was worse then the Dr Drew show with the stupid eyelid surgery Asians and the blonde hair ask yourself who wears chunky highlights in 2014 no one that is an "expert" on TV or in your case YT you all self proclaim things and think they are real by screaming  it at the camera or you spitting on the mic. I will click on the "Transgender Jesus the end is near 2014" video 1. because it is a video that is not yours 2. I never thought I would see something that said "Transgender Jesus" anything is better then a Mark Dice video thank you for bring my headache back all this video has done for me. FIN 

  3. I do not subscribe to any particular "theory" about this event. I cannot help noticing that, in your vitrolic ad hominem attack en masse, you provide absolutely no proof of any crackpot thinking whatsoever. No, you simply state that "nobody would recognize the individual from their network of friends and family." What a ridiculous assertion….do you know this individual's social circle? Probably not. You really do sound like a shill. Your attempts to castigate are pathetic….i kept waiting to hear proof of hown ridiculous the theory was that this was  a false flag and instead heard threats of social isolation (your family would commit you), and name calling. Your a real piece of work jerky boy.

  4. HAAHAAHAAH…this dude just researched all this stuff right before he made this video…you're making yourself sound pretty smart but the way you rattle it all off at once is quite transparent…and, by the way, I have been researching all of these things for years…that is the main reason for my peaking curiosity…more and more is being uncovered over time…

  5. Ahh, now I see what your rant on the other shooting video is all about. I'm curious about this supposed "hoax". I shall take a journey through those videos mentioned and see what's going on. You sound like a pompous crack-pot yourself BTW. 

  6. I'm not going to go on a rant about the fact that this was kind of hypocritical of Mark to make this video & insult his viewers & subscribers by calling them insane, when in fact Sandy Hook was a hoax, there r so many unanswered questions about that incident & the answers we have been given do not correlate w/ what supposedly took place on that day.

  7. The conspiracy theory mindset is very similar to the fanatical religious mindset. The conclusions, where they exist, of almost all conspiracy theories are built upon non-existent evidence, in almost all cases, along with fanciful conjecture. In the face of direct refutation of their belief system's assertions in the form of peer-reviewed, scientific evidence which completely discredits any given aspect of their beliefs, conspiracy theorists simply change the subject, or ignore scientific evidence that runs counter to their beliefs. As in religious belief systems, the human tendency toward patternicity generally goes un-scrutinized in the framework of the conspiracy theorist's belief system; thus, null hypotheses are rarely considered. In other words, the question is rarely asked: "What if [insert event here] was just random, and not indicative of a grand design?" and when it is, the null hypothesis is not rigorously tested. Like the religious devotee, the conspiracy theorist tends to immediately ascribe extraordinary phenomena to teleological schema.

    Conspiracy theorism's methodology is largely incompatible with the scientific method. A conspiracy theorist takes a question ("How do we explain what happened on 9/11?"), then looks at an extant theory (which, in many cases, is the most apparent theory, due to unsurprising circumstances in which, for instance, a massive crime is committed, and then an extremely likely suspect steps forward and actually confesses to having committed the crime, after which point, through research and investigation, an enormous pile of evidence is discovered which corroborates the confessor's statements) then identifies points in the standing theory which, on the surface, appear weaker than the standing theory's other points (e.g. "How did WTC 7 fall when no planes crashed into it?"), and finally, builds an amorphous counter-theory upon a series of questions asked in regard to those (seemingly) weakest points of the standing theory.

    The nebulous counter-theory (which, again, is built upon no more than questions which are themselves built upon the apparently weakest points of the standing theory) that is suggested by the conspiracy theorist is then posited as truth. The conspiracy theorist then deems all those who don't believe in their "truth" to be agents of evil (e.g., see below comment, by "sunshineyrainbowkiss").This is a modern version of: "There are things that can't be explained. There has got to be something better than this. What is it? Oh: there is a man in the clouds directing everything on Earth. What's that you say? You've been on many mountaintops and looked down on clouds and saw no man? That's because he's invisible, and where he's not invisible, you simply haven't looked. Prove that there is no invisible man in the clouds, and then it won't be true. Until then, it is true, and therefore, there is an invisible man in the clouds. You are evil if you don't believe in my invisible man in the clouds.")

    This is not how science works. In science, one does not look look at an event, analyze another's theory, identify the weakest points in that theory, immediately and summarily declare that theory to be false, and then declare the truth to be an amorphous collection of conjectures involving potential alternative answers to the weakest points of the other's theory.

    In science, one takes a question regarding an event ("What happened on the day that it is claimed that several people were murdered, and that a person named Elliot Rodgers was responsible, due to an apparent confession of responsibility?"), looks at all available evidence pertinent to the event ("Who has been claimed to be murdered? Who is this Elliot Rodgers person and what can we find out about him?") then formulates a working hypothesis (let's just say: "Elliot Rodgers didn't actually commit any crime, and there were no murders that day"), and then, if possible, puts forth good evidence to support that hypothesis.

    An example of good evidence, in this hypothetical case, would be: "Here is clear proof that Elliot Rodgers was not anywhere near where he would have had to have been in order to commit this supposed crime at the purported time of the event– time stamped security video of him being miles away from the scene of the crime which clearly disproves the established timeline" and or "Here are photographs and videos of several of the victims, alive and well, clearly after their supposed deaths, along with facial recognition analyses to prove that this is them, and a few DNA samples acquired by one of our private investigators which match the alleged victims" and or "Here are the confessions of a few people who helped carry out the deception that led to the false belief that a person named Elliot Rodgers committed a crime on May 23rd, 2014, confessions that we believe cancel out the confessions of Elliot Rodgers." A compelling case would involve a plurality of evidence similar to the prior examples. Of course, nothing even close to evidence of this caliber can ever be produced by the conspiracy theorist in order to disprove the standing theory.

    Instead, a series of questions are simply posed suggesting that the standing theory is insufficient to explain the extraordinary nature of a given event ("How can evolution explain all of this, the extraordinary complexity of life?"), the standing theory is instantly concluded to be false on the grounds of a few weaknesses in said theory ("Out of one million strong points of your theory of evolution, we found a few hundred points we have questions about, ergo, the entire theory of evolution is false") and a nebulous, generalizing theory is put forth as the conclusive truth ("There is a God, a mysterious cloud of forces swirling around that few of us can see, that is responsible for this and all events.")

    To all rational people who generally don't buy into conspiracy theories: you are, for the most part, dealing with the equivalent of religious fanatics, in terms of the vast majority of these conspiracy theorists. There is no point in engaging them in rational discussion. Their arguments are largely faith-based– born of atavistic superstition.

  8. Nice car, clothes and money is all you need trust me… Haha, I haven't a pot to piss in and can pull women.. If I had wealth I'd have the best a women every night… I hate you Mark Dice you nut job

  9. I don't know any truthers who even mention the "Illuminati" but only frauds like Mark Dice.  Good to see many people on this channel not following this moron.

  10. Mate something aint right about this. May not be illuminati but somethings up…….

    1 No blood in car but meant to of shoot his self in the head.
    2 Bike pops up next to the jeep but aint there on the night it happened.
    3 Shop keepers cleaning the crime seen.
    4 bullet left in the shop next to the blood.
    5 Your a cunt let people have there views.

  11. here we go again! why is every single fucking thing that happens always a conspiracy with you people? every time some big thing happens you all jump straight on a the conspiracy train! have some fucking respect for people! oh well i guess this message wont have any effect on your deluded fucked up mindsets. 

  12. It's pretty funny that you make fun of all the Illuminati and MK Ultra crap but you have no problem accusing people of being a part of the Illuminati. You are basically fueling your own fire. You have no problem accusing people yourself but when others do it god forbid for them to make there own opinions about it because you just ridicule them for it. You contradict yourself in every single video and it's pretty ironic to me.

  13. ok what if the people that say events like this one and the sandy hook one are  staged for whatever reason are actually the shills?  It could be that the government doesn't want you to think that the world is really getting crazy.  Think about that.  Now whos the shill. 

  14. Mark Dice you make a good point about the crisis actors and im with you on this one.  and dont worry about the haters!  I enjoy watching your videos on how you expose the media and all the garbage that goes on today.  and I find you very funny too!!

  15. Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis left two messages carved into the shotgun he used to kill 12 people.

    “(Better Off This Way)” and “(My ELF)” were both etched into the wood of the gun and may offer the first clues to his motive for the rampage, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    "My ELF" may stand for "extremely low frequency," which could refer to Alexis' belief that people were sending vibrations through his body to keep him from sleeping. He reported this to police to Rhode Island police in August. 

  16. Great oration..I knew there was a reason I stopped watching your videos..I still wonder how your site was reinstated so quickly after being taken down? The truth died with Elliot Rodger. Speculators cover both sides of an issue..

  17. Mark you have to be the biggest prick ive ever come across, i really cant believe you get away with posting this shit. I think there are a lot of people already know this judging by the top comment, but you really should give it up, youre just making a bigger and bigger joke of yourself. 

  18. "Thousands of people are just crazy!! I'm the only one who isn't!! Everyone else is nuts!!! I sound like I'm practically foaming at the mouth!!!"

    Wow, Mark, just wow. I guess you don't realize how nuts you sound. The non-stop ad hominems kinda give you away.

  19. yeah some idiots that want to live out of the Illuminati conspiracy are so stupid that they just come out with "all this shootings are fake" no real no kids died no crazy virgin guy shoot any people lol

  20. I agree that there are some 'lunatic' as you call them who believe some crazy-ass shit and sometimes it need to be called out (with reasonable facts).

    Idk about the Elliot Rodger situation, I wouldn't say it was a hoax myself, neither I would Sandy Hook was a hoax. I don't believe it.

    But when you have events that happen to match a certain agenda it is pretty fair to question things. Going a little bit crazy and speculating about official stories need to happen. We need to constantly question everything that is fed to us as news, facts, opinions, etc.

    Conspiracies have been proven to happen. Secret services and the government has done, do and will continue to do shity things that nobody will ever know.

    Why would you shame people who are just not little sheeps ?

    Speculating on conspiracy theories is alright as long as you accept that if you don't have real proof, you can't be sure of anything.

  21. Lol I forgot about this! You went from conspiracy theorist to MAGA grifter, but I don’t even remember you pissing off a bunch of Sandy Hook truthers. Holy shit you’re pathetic lol. Anyway, have fun getting mad about “cultural Marxism” and spamming our retard president’s Twitter.

  22. Why would you sell out Mark???? Very disappointing due to all the great work you are throwing down the drain with your insight on this one.

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