Eddie Bravo’s Latest Conspiracy Talk – The Joe Rogan Experience

Eddie Bravo going down the conspiracy rabbit hole from the latest Fight Companion. Featuring Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub.




  1. real conspiracies are ufos,god being real,,im witness to both on many occasions,,tesla is legit,tesla wanted free energy,others wanted human slaves to pay for energy over and over again,,,other conspiracies are real as well but i didnt witness them as i have ufos and god,,those are my big 2,,,,,911 was obvious demo,,us ships was attacked by ufos around antarctica,,from there it gets darker and darker until you get to money and satanism and power and control over the world by deception and death,,,if its all true certain agencies would be the ones who run the show and classify anything that shows the real truth,,,without truth and meaning you cant see reality clearly and they know this,,,history is what a few say it is,,everything corrupt humans touch becomes destruction and the cycle repeats

  2. Everyone knew who Einstein was, the same cannot be said about Tesla.

    edit Point being people will gravitate to Einstein to present a fraud case. The more popular of everything will receive the most scrutiny.

  3. Wow, this podcast didn't age well… Rothschilds exposed, JFK lies exposed, Satanists/Luciferians..about to be blown open. Oh and the LHC didn't help prove dark matter.. actually the opposite. Einstein's theory of general relativity is on the way out. Dark matter and wormholes are all but debunked.

  4. I only watch Joe rogan now when Eddie and certain people are on Joe is dumb and when he cannot argue back with facts he says that Eddie is in a rabbit hole that shit. Look at the time every time Eddie is right.

  5. Eddie Bravo is the sad byproduct of Alex Jones and Helio Gracie fucking the same chicken, it was raised in a gym, fed bullshit and forced to watch youtube. That being said ya gotta love the dude.

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