Eddie Bravo Pulls No Punches on CONSPIRACY THEORIES and FLAT EARTH | The Zoo

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu master Eddie Bravo goes all in on his conspiracy theories, including flat earth theory. Season 3 | Episode 2 The Zoo on LATV: Facebook …




  1. Maybe the landings on the moon were fake, but you have to move past that. All that stuff happened before he was born and if they were fake, I had more to do with the government vs Russia , than NASA

  2. The moon is flat too!! Round rocks are flat and flat ones are actually round. If you hold a round rock with ant on it and the ant wanders around the other side to where you can’t see it, is this somehow proof that the rock is flat….?

  3. He doesn’t even believe what he’s saying. He can’t even look directly at that girl when he’s talking…
    If someone won’t look at you when they talk you can bet that they are full of shit.

  4. Even if the moon landings were faked, the earth is still round. Almost all of our technology relies on that fact. Especially the cell phone and computer that you use to spout all the flat earth crap. Are you more profoundly dumb than people three hundred years ago? Cause a lot of them knew the earth was round. This is not new info. And if it is a conspiracy, it must have started a long time ago .

  5. The mark of a true idiot.
    Just because a source put out false information on a subject (for whatever reasons) they just rack up everything that comes from that source as false.
    Flat Earth does not make sense. Non-stop flights from Australia to South America do not work on a Flat Earth.
    FE'ers can't understand the physics and can't comprehend just how big the Earth is.
    I saw a video of a guy that scaled the Solar System down, using the globe Earth model, such that the orbit of Pluto was seven miles in diameter. He put a camera on a mountaintop and had cars drive the orbits of the planets. His reason for a flat earth was that the cars ought to be making a curved circle, like what is seen when you hold up a pancake with a fork. The math he used said that if the left side of screen is the 0, then the right side of screen (7 miles away) should be something like 32 feet below.
    Now how the hell are you supposed to perceive a 32 foot drop vertically when you've got 36,960 feet across?
    Also, placing the left of screen at 0 doesn't work either. The center of the screen ought to be at 0, and the edges are about 16 feet below.
    If you whole heartedly believe the Earth is flat, you need to stay away from any job that involves math or facts.

  6. This guy need's to go to the fucking space and see if it's round or not. This making me crazy he talks so much shit and he can't even prove it's flat earth. Wtf is wrong with this guy😤😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠

  7. Terrence McKenna said Psychedelics don't work on stupid people. I could see in Joe's first episodes when Eddie was first getting into them and is ideas White from suspicious and skeptical and intellectual to complete paranoia and not accepting anything so it's extremely difficult to have a conversation with somebody that's married to their ideas like that I'd like to sit down and talk to him and try and come to the Middle with him I don't believe a lot but there's some things that are solid truths at least we have those today. love ya Eddy lol

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