Ebola Outbreak Conspiracy Theories

Ebola Outbreak Conspiracy Theories *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Click “Like” “Favorite” and sound off in the comments. Mark Dice is a media analyst, …




  1. Mark you are the King of  the illuminati conspiracy  theories. 
    Basely you saying your listeners  don't know shit !!  I Mark Dice telling the God Truth ! Your Head is getting wee Big there Mark !!!  

  2. hi kids, my name is guy in the suit. now the # 1 rule is that nobody  is to pick their nose, but you get to watch me pick mine while i make sure you don't pick yours. savyy

  3. God is a conspericy theory when it comes to GOV !     Let go let Gov  i mean God .   Lets forget all this shit and just go back to out in the open war that no one knows why !!  another stupid GovernMentalist

  4. Well when the vaccines that are being rushed and tested on monkeys, and not having very good results start rolling let's see how many people start dropping like flies then.

  5. sorry mark u r very wrong on it . truth can be twisted at anytime like u do .alex jones to . ur A rich con artist only with opinins that are hole less . that guy should be no matter what in a suit period. SAFETY FIRST  read SAFETY  do  UNDER STAND . the suits are  to PROTECT. GOT IT  MARK .I THINK U NEED A SAFETY EDUCATION OK .journalist are DUMB 


  7. I love you Mark, the way that you put it out there, straight up with no chasers.And that Mr.Rockefeller line hilarious.Keep your foot on their throats .
    Because there is a lot about this Ebola outbreak that seems quite strangely suspicious………….

  8. How much more mouse banging and ridiculing does it take to get ppl to wake up? despite your condescending tone, you seem to bring legitimate facts to the surface, and most non refutable. Reasons i stay subscribed: you cut to the chase, no bullshit also it seems you clearly care about exposing truth

    He an manny others can breath the same air sence it spreads by blood!
    In other words "sexual conntact, blood and Boody flouds.." I dont know why people are sutch idiots….

  10. Wow mark…
    really, when dealing with a deadly disease, you should always take preventive measures rather than take a chance just for convenience. You can't convince anyway he wasn't wearing ANYTHING protective, just so he could see her better and communicate easier. We have these things called ears, they can hear pretty well ya know…

  11. AFRICOM was a dead letter office until the Ebola outbreak.  Kony didn't work, bring home our girls didn't work but Ebola has brought boots on the ground; thank you very much.  Dice, are you saying that the U.S. is not an empire as my middle school teacher did?  We don't have colonies, we have possessions, is that what you think? The fortunate, for the military industrial complex, outbreak has finally succeeded in populating AFRICOM.  An office with no people for people with no office.  Its about oil.

  12. Yeah let me get infected just so I can have a better view. Then when I am on the gurney, someone could not wear their protective suit to have a better view of me on the gurney. Mark, your a dumbass who sounds like your drinking the same cool-aid not or you have been comprimised.

  13. The Ebola False Flag is real Mark, have you seen that scene with the fake JFK hospital, the healthy looking guy with the ebola green shirt rolling around on the ground, paramedic crisis actors waiting behind the gate, watching the man rolling around, apparently dying? How about when his "father" is seen walking away holding a wad of cash in his had, was he just about to go buy some lunch? Finally, you gotta love this one, search it out, the little naked boy who happily walks up and lays down beside a "dying ebola" victim that just fell out of the back of an ambulance? That piece aired in Africa originally before CNN quickly removed the video from their site, but not before someone recorded it with their phone and uploaded it to YouTube. Check out that little boy. Do you think he is dying too?

    New evidence and new perspectives surface about things all the time. I don't think you are the kind of person who wouldn't change his mind, given new evidence. I'm a big fan of yours, I'm not asking for any apology or anything like that, just wanted you to know the truth so you can correct your statements on Ebola and show the rest of us that you're not perfect!  😉

  14. / theres a conspiracy alright but opposite of what this degenerate imbecile says…ebolas the most feared by the top experts for the last four decades for a reason u imbecile. And it IS IS IS AIRBORNE NUMBNUTS ALWAYS HAS BEEN simply look at army publicatiins for the last forty yrs!! The obama admin has doomed us with such profound incompetence it can ONLY be intentional not incompetent but INTENTIONAL!! the allowance of 150 people from ebola riddled areas bein allowed into usa daily was nails in coffin for usa public we are doomed….medias coverin obamas ass and tryi prevent panic are lying out asses as of a week ago theres 150 case in usa as of last week not the handful told us by media…if u ARENT scared of ebola ur a fuckin moron. The usa nurses who caught it were in full protective gear when contracted it!!! Not airborne huh¿?? Then howd all the usa nurses in full protective gear contract it lol

  15. What is so TRUTHFUL of believing a mainstream media perspective of this topic? There are so many REAL truthers on YouTube that can expose this topic and the mainstream media in single video. No wonder people are growing wary of the mainstream media because of the deceitful lies that they produce about the most blatant things of you see like a man SUSPICIOUSLY not wearing a protective hamzat suit when taking a "risk" of the AIRBORNE disease.

    It amuses me to see mark dice acting like a fear-mongering news anchorman and just like what were doing to the mainstream media, lets not even listen to mark dice leading people astray.

  16. This video is bullshit. First of all the woman is wearing a mask around her face. so shes not coughing in which shes not spreading the virus. Second of all hes not touching her nor inhaling her cough in which theirs no way he can get effected. Remember people Ebola cant be contagious air-born. The only way the man could get effected is by touching her when shes contaminated in which they cleaned her before the flight and the other way is if she coughed on him he would be contagious but shes wearing a mask. Trust me my family works for the CDC.

  17. yeah ? haha …ok …don't wear a protective suit only because we want you to get a real clear look at this deadly disease …."dumb guy with clipboard"  duh…sure boss ,  if its so damn deadly , everyone would have a suit on , knowing how "dangerous" it's supposed to be , Highly lethal disease , this guy agree's to risk his life just so his peepers can get a clear look ….bull fucking shit ..Lol  ,  but the question is , why release a photo with this guy at all knowing it will get taken apart by "conspiracy theorists"  it's because they know people will say its a hoax , therefore people saying its a hoax , but showing on the news that its killed people etc etc blah blah , just makes the conspiracy theorists just that more unbelievable , this is the goal obviously by the media ,  i find it funny when you point out a conspiracy theory its fact , but someone else points out a lie that the government is being "untruthful" in the disease and virus category is just a funny made up story ?   you made a living on this stuff and you still have learning to do .  think logically , and you know you can't be all that right , other wise the government could shut you down for good , but they allow you to talk jibber jabber on here , yeah yeah they removed your account before (nice acting on both sides)  just like alex jones , talking the biggest shit about the government same as you do , and they allow him especially to have his own radio show , exposing their own government , heck they shut down dixie chicks album years ago because it dissed george bush jr , one person ,  but here , dissing an entire nations government and not getting shut down ?   Think about it .. hahah  . seems someone else has their hand down the pants of the government and vice versa . i used to be a big believer in you , until you talk so negative to the general public , if you are supposed to be a man of god,  you shouldn't be judging as a whole , but rather trying to educate minus the insults . 

  18. Conspiracy theories gain weight because  there are so few people with any real scientific knowlege,and many people who are charismatic enough to mislead people, and give them the feeling that they are "empowered" with the "knowledge" they spread, to the extent that they disregard real science, which they discount as a conspiracy sponsorsed by the powers that be which they distrust.They see a simple " us vs them" whereas reality has far more sides than two, and far more motivations that the standard machiavelian ones.

  19. Hey Mark  did you write a book about conspiracies ?  not enought sales , and your MAD ? and decide to bitch everyone who believe what you used to believe not long ago ????

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