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  1. I was in school one day and my teacher had her roots coming in and it looked fucked up and I was like "I like your hair" this BITCH was like "oooo gaud dats su rude" it was a very sad day

  2. As a nursing student and someone who was just tested on this disease, I think you have to remember that AIDS was a relatively new disease in 1995. HIV was not discovered until the 1980s and the morbidity and mortality rates peaked for the disease in the mid '90s. Today, people can live 8-10 years untreated and 20+ with treatment (Magic Johnson). In the '80s and '90s people died from the disease within 2 years of contraction ("It Happened to Nancy"). It is possible that he did have HIV, but thought it was just a cold/flu because the disease has remissions and exacerbations. From my research I found that Easy E was diagnosed with pneumonia, an opportunistic infection that shows up once HIV becomes full blown AIDS. Although I believe Suge Knight is guilty of a lot of things, with the way HIV was back then and Easy E's lifestyle, it is possible he contracted it normally and it just progressed quickly.

  3. I know I'm hella late to the game but my uncle died of aids back in 94'. You said people could live 20+ years with it and while you're right NOW, back then (in the 90's and early 2000's) it wasn't treatable and what was treatable was VERY VERY expensive. Not to mention those who had aids or HIV were often abandoned in nursing homes who viewed them as strictly "gay sinners" and didn't care to help them like they would the elderly or other patients. My uncle had bed sores and was highly malnourished because the staff didn't want to touch someone with aids; and his roommate in the facility was only taken care of because my family didn't want either of them to suffer so they basically stayed there to help them both until my uncle died. The roommate passed before him and since he was abandoned by his family he was buried in an unmarked grave in some cemetery with only my family attending the funeral. Things were VERY different back then versus now as far as preventing and treating HIV. I just wanted you to be aware of that fact. It wasn't odd in the time that Eazy-E passed for people to not realize they had HIV until it was full blown aids, when its basically a death sentence. Same thing happened to my uncle, his nursing home roomie and countless others. He didn't know until he was dying, by then it was too late.

  4. Something you didn’t talk about was that Eazy and NWA had a falling out because he was getting paid more (I believe) and when he made his solo album NWA helped but they didn’t get paid for helping. And that Dre created/helped create Death Row which is the connection between Suge and Eazy.

  5. Suge Knight scares me. They should investigate into it because he’s linked to 2pac,Biggie,and Eazy’s deaths.

  6. They call Suge Knight 'the devil in a red suit'. So its very possible he was referring to Suge. Also I watch the series 'who killed tupac' and discovered that the lapd found the gun used in pacs murder which is, super interesting because they made sure to send out a confidential memo stating the vegas pd should not be notified about the gun.

  7. I’m pretty sure you can live waaaay longer than 20 years with hiv and never contract aids if you take your medication correctly

  8. Eazy E and Suge had beef because Suge took Eazy E's artists – Jerry was fucking with the artists money and Eazy wasnt fully aware of what was going on. Jerry Heller mentioned that Eazy E got tested Nov 1994 and didnt have HIV but he magically gets it feb? it doesnt make any sense. something is up

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