1. maybe the last Thursday theory explains the Mandela effect! it also reminded me of the Rick and Morty episode with the brain parasite!!

  2. One time I was at school and I saw those smoke plane things. I saw about 8 at once about every 2 hours. I got really sick about a day later, I still am sick but I'm recovering (thank god) but that makes me think about this conspiracy even more.

  3. As soon as you said the world might have been created yesterday I started looking around weirdly and tried to remember stuff that happened before last Thursday and I was like CRAAAAAAAAP

  4. You should do a conspiracy theory about the movie inside out..I know there is scientific proof about or brains and stuff but what about that last theory u said with the universe in playing memories in our brain..what if inside out is a kiddish model showing that.

  5. Ok first of all the nerdy guy doesn't chase after Bella and Bella doesn't end up with the black guy she doesn't even have feelings for him and second of all the nerdy guy chases after some Mexican girl. So that kinky conspiracy theory is fake I mean I think it's kinda weird that the writer was also a writer of a soft core porn but idk that also seems sketchy too why would a kids network allow someone that wrote an inappropriate film write another show for the kids network.

  6. You should do a kardashian conspiracy theorie vid I don't expect you to make a video but it would be really cool if you could I am a really big fan keep doing what you do

  7. Something to tell you about something you talk about when you videos the chemtrail's trails in the sky planes or jets. Well One of my really good friend and his family live about a mile away and airport literally see the newFly really low over his land

  8. Is live there for about five years and literally have to go past the runway other major airport to get to his house. Well about five years ago his wife died of cancer. Then in the past year they found out they had also had cancer the same kind that his wife passed away from and his mother lives with him and his gun cancer within the past six months let me remind you the same kind of cancer. Something has always seemed kind of fishy to me but when I heard this news about the camp trails it all became clear

  9. Do people not realize the "666" signal litteraly is the symbol people use when they describe things that are perfect or like a things thats a-ok

  10. omg the last thursday theory. i had that kind mindset too. where the universe just started. i thought i was the only one that thinks like that lskdksks

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