Dog’s Imagination? Courage the Cowardly Dog Theory – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 17)

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  1. Wow. This theory actually makes sense. With so many evidence supporting this & the fact that John doesn't deny ANY theory about this series, this may as well be a 5. Also, as for the ghost of King Ramses… Ustus & Muriel seem to realize they're in grave danger. Especially towards the end when those locusts are swarming them. But after that scene, Ustus is rendered helpless against the attack of the locusts & Murial wonders where he is. And before it ends, we see a cracked rock that looks like Ustus. So… Did he die? And if he did, then how do we see him in subsequent episodes? Does Courage imagine him being with him & Muriel in his waking life?

  2. Know what's messed up, I remember an episode of Courage where Muriel and Eustace were turned into life size dolls or something that couldn't move or talk or showed no signs of life at all and then somebody or something came and tried to collect, all types of hijinks ensure and Courage gets his owners back but they don't turn back to normal, they stay doll and the episode just ends with Courage resting in doll Muriel's lap as all three sit quietly in the living room. If the theory that everything Courage experience is all in his overactive imagination, then Eustace and Muriel turning in lifeless dolls meant that…oh boy

  3. What actually happened in King Ramses Curse(in my guess) is that Eustace pick up a man's wallet he found on the street when he was out, and King Ramses is the owner of the wallet coming to the house to get it back.

  4. According to my religious beliefs dogs can see demons and when they see they start barking, you know sometimes dogs bark for no reason they were actually barking at demons.

  5. Now I'm gonna laugh when courage is in danger because of this theory (Example):Courage is terrified of Casper the ghost, turns out Casper is friendly. But that's a dogs eyes and through humans eyes its Richie Rich who is NOT dead (another example):he bumps into an invisible wall, through HIS eyes, Humans eyes its another house. if you have a scenario reply it to this comment.

  6. I got two Ideas about King Ramses.

    1. The slab is actually bills, and King Ramses just wants Eustace to finally pay his taxes.

    2. He's a friend of Eustace that loaned him a couple dollars. The slab are those dollars, and Eustace has yet to return them.

    I prefer the former, personally. 😛

  7. I think king Ramses is an old director of a history museum, trying to buy the slab from Eustace, as we can see the archeologist in the beginning that offers just a bag. Eustace ask for more money as being greedy as it is, and that makes the director to insist bringing a new an scary situation for a dog

  8. I just randomely thought of this conspiracy that might explain the guy u didnt know who could be. I think that the guy could be their neighbor who got something in their mail mixed up and wants murial to return that to him but in courage's mind it would be a ghost of some sort

  9. Wow. So all the villains in Courage the Cowardly Dog were actually just humans that Courage saw as monsters and other creatures in his vision. Of course that vet that took Courage's parents away was really the only real human Courage saw I believe. It also would've been nice if there could've been an episode where Courage reunites with his parents. Of course, Courage has Muriel and Eustace now and that's good enough for him. I did however did a drawing of Courage being reunited with his parents on Deviantart.com.

  10. I relate to this theory. My doggo is scared of everything like my trash can. Whenever the lid opens he runs away and hide or barks at it. Reminds me a lot of courage in the sense that to him it's a scary monster that wants to eat me and he's trying to warn me about it.

  11. Wrong soooo wrong, murieal has cried for help doesins of times. The real conspiracy is that courages owners are dead, and he just pretends they are alive and he only imagines all this scary stuff happening because he feels like he was never able to save his owners so be makes up sinarios where he saves them

  12. King Ramses was the ancient phaeroh that had its artifact uncovered by the dog known as Courage. His owner Eustace took the slab and tried to sell it. That night in the middle of nowhere the spirit of Ramses manifesting himself as a dilapidated mummy started plaguing the Bagges just as he did with the previous holder of the stolen slab , the ones who buried it earlier that week. After three tries Ramses got the slab and Eustace was punished

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