Does The Magic Bullet Prove A JFK Conspiracy?

Does The Magic Bullet Prove A JFK Conspiracy? The U.S. government’s official investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy concluded that he was …




  1. Magic Bullet defying the laws of physics killing the President, then false flag of Gulf of Tonkin, which lead to Vietnam War. Buildings falling symmetrically at free falls speed defying the laws of physics, then false flag of weapons of mass destruction, which lead to Iraqi War. History repeats itself

  2. If the positions of Kennedy and Connelly where sitting in a manner which allowed a single bullet to be responsible for the injuries, how can the fact the bullet was pristine be reconciled? Especially when fragments of that bullet where left in both the president and the governor. The more we explain, the more inexplicable becomes the next question. People like neat little packages. Life is not so simple.

  3. The release of the JFK files has now made the "kooks and crazies" the sanest people in the world.

    I still can't get over the scent of being right.

  4. What gets me is, why would Oswald claim he’s a patsy? If the official story is that he is assassinating Kennedy to be part of the communist revolution? If that really was his motive than he would’ve immediately claimed credit

  5. One he was going to Disband the C I A to He Was going to get out of Vitanm an stop the war an do not forget the bay of pigs another No No

  6. The Warren commissions assessment of a magic bullet was because their testing was with a Cadillac limo not a Lincoln limo like the one the president was actually shot in. It also had 6 seats not 4 like the commission thought. A jump seat lowers the middle seat and brings it into the center of the car 6 inches

  7. If you watch the Zapruder film you can see that at the moment that Connolly is hit his right hand ( the wrist that was shattered ) is on the back of the seat infront of him and no where near his left thigh that the Magic bullet ended up in,and that the throat wound was an entry wound and not an exit.if it was an exit it would have to have been from the back wound that Kennedy suffered that was 5 inches down his back from his neck and to the right of the spine.a bullet would not have been able to travel vertically up through bone and tissue and come out with enough force to have made the other wounds,especially as the Mannlicher Carcanno rifle had a velocity that was only 2000 FPS

  8. Their was no "magic bullet" It's been proven that Connely was siting farther "left" and higher due to the jump seat which made the bullet actually do what it did. It's no big deal.oh the bullet was not in pristine condition.

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