Documentary – Moon Landing Hoax – Conspiracy Theory – part (1)

Documentary – Moon Landing Hoax – Conspiracy Theory – Did We Land On The Moon (Fox TV) [43.49] part 1 uploaded by Ravi for Jayita Dasgupta.




  1. just a thought , how if the outside pressure in a vacuum did the space craft get to the moon without being destroyed ok inside pressure but how did they open the door without a depessurised compartment and having to then get back inside in there pressurised suits and take off using rockets that would have had all thier fuel sucked out as soon as they opened the valves to ignite . just thinking about this with the little info about the moon and lack of technology of the time etc can someone who knows more about these simple questions please explain thanks

  2. To many unanswered questions. i watch all these as they were on the tv. Now i have my doubts if any of it was true.

  3. The NASA nuts are the same idiots that still believe the Allied Propaganda that fooled the world into believing that the Italian Army in WW2 was an army of cowards that never won a battle, that has recently been proved to be another HOAX thanks to "I01 Italian WW2 Victories & Counting" (available online for free).

  4. I used to laugh at people who claimed the moon landings were faked — but not now, nor have I for a long time… I feel a little sorry, though, for Armstrong and the others, having to maintain the story, compromising their integrity in order to keep their pensions and probably to stay alive. The guilt and sadness must be overpowering. Which explains the permanent shyness and reclusiveness of these 3 men who'd participated in the greatest feat in human history — supposedly.

  5. We never went to the moon, NASA is a load of shit and I don't believe in any of them. Is the world really flat? If NASA says the world is round, I will believe that the earth is flat.

  6. We never went to the moon, NASA is a load of shit and I don't believe in any of them. Is the world really flat? If NASA says the world is round, I will believe that the earth is flat.

  7. How did they transmit the words spoken by Armstrong live since he was in the space suit and visor and no other occasion on the moon they seemed to speak live. Does anybody have any idea? This is only a doubt that came into my mind and I am very much eager to know the live television broadcast from the moon in detail during Appolo 11 for that matter.

  8. .Its very hard to go to the moon in 2016 because the laws of physics have changed since 1969. It was very easy in 1969. But now NASA has got real stupid and must learn again…haha

  9. If man landed on the moon in 1969 and their 8 days trip was so successful no disasters no health issues to astronauts in other words the whole mission went so smoothly then why didn't NASA stated space travel to the moon by 2000 or 2010 or 2016 for the rich people there are many people who are waiting for that day when NASA announce this.

  10. I bet you will never see another moon mission again in our life time. " to dust you came from and to dust you will return". This is simple logic mankind is compatible with earth. I eagerly wait for a televised trip to any where out of earth. Then I'll believe.

  11. Oh come on! Only a bunch of idiot twoofers would not believe in the moon landings everyone saw on TV. It is so obvious! Between 1969 and 1972- when every middle class American home had a standard compliment of technology that contained a rotary phone that weighed ten pounds, a television set that weighed 2 to 3 hundred pounds and a washer and dryer weighing nearly a ton combined the United States blasted off from Earth- travelled 230 thousand miles to the moon- detached from an orbiting craft- landed- walked around for a bit- and then blasted off again- re-attached to the orbiting craft tavelling at some huge speed- and then tavelled 230 thousand miles back home- and re-entered the atmosphere. Oh- and they did it six times! With one dramatic mission that made a great adventure MOVIE years later that sorta failed but was wicked cool nonetheless. Oh- And they brought space cars to the moon as well! Did I forget about that? Yeah- space cars! The fit in a suitcase and just sorta detached from the side of those wicked awesome LEM crafts! Man oh man! Those were the days! Totally real. I say dust off those Saturn V rockets again and put some new cool Space X technology on them and lets go to Mars today! Cause thats what you do when you haven't been back to the moon in 45 years? You go to Mars!


  12. His outlandish_ness got mister Brian Welch (NASA spoksman),dead a few months after His 'debunking'. 2002 same year their ex 22-year career space engineer in NASA, The agency hired space writer Jim Oberg and cancelled the book, which the man never finished but stayed alive… The hoax of URSS vs USA is a very superficial one, puppet masters of jewish origin among other power groups have all these major plays well in hand.

  13. it was faked obviously we have more technology now then we did bike then and they aren't going to the moon or Mars fuck the government

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