Do We Will need to Modify Human DNA to Journey to the Stars – Lengthy Time period Room Exploration Views

Not long in the past, I was speaking to a conspiracy theorist pal of mine, who is totally into the whole UFO concept, and aliens from outer place. In truth he travels to Roswell when a calendar year for their annual conference and anniversary of the Roswell Incident. He is a enjoyment human being to speak to, as long as I never have to speak to him for far too long, due to the fact he gets seriously into the conspiracy detail.

Nevertheless, the other day more than coffee I questioned him what if the aliens from Roswell are not actually aliens at all, what if they are genetically engineered species created by humans for long-expression place journey? What if they are us or they share our DNA, and ended up created by us in the future and sent back to past durations. And what if they ended up performing fine in their time travels but unfortunately their spaceship crash when it entered the radar subject space which disrupted their anti-gravitational procedure or their propulsion procedure, leading to them to crash land in Roswell?

Following I questioned him this query, due to the fact as you possibly comprehend I am a science fiction reader, I just smiled and leaned back, to hear what he experienced to say. Oh, he was livid, he sees this alien come across as a fantastic conspiracy, almost as if it’s a faith of some variety, it’s fully strange. However, the query that I experienced put forth is well worth contemplating about. Not from a conspiracy theorist standpoint, but rather from a science fiction standpoint of what we might have to do with the future if we want to journey to the stars.

Human beings have far too numerous bones for zero gravity place flight long-expression, they seriously never tackle radiation incredibly nicely and there is a good deal of radiation in place. Human beings also consume far too a lot for long-expression place flight. Having said that if we could clear up those issues by genetic engineering we could ship persons or genetically engineered species which are almost like humans to do the exploration for us.

Maybe NASA should really be contemplating in this article (hint: they by now are), and it’s possible we can use whichever we learn to support modified human DNA to use a lot less electrical power in this article on Earth, to consume a lot less, and get rid of some of issues we never need to have. For instance, we never need to have a tailbone, and our ft seem fairly humorous looking at that we have on shoes. There are a good deal of issues on the human human body that are not accurately what we need to have to endure in this article on this world, and these issues could be modified, which would make our life a lot easier and a lot more adaptable.

It would also make feeling to do this for those that want to reside in place colonies so they can endure for long durations of time with no those similar situations that are in this article on Earth. We should really analyze this, even if we pick out not to genetically modified humans in the future. Basically due to the fact what we learn can support with future overall health care, and the overall health of all humans on this world.

Let’s encounter it, the transfer technologies from NASA investigate has remodeled the way we reside and function. It is awesome and no a person can deny that a lot of our modern facilities have occur from place investigate, these kinds of as materials made use of in every day everyday living, to the know-how in our air-conditioning techniques autos. Certainly, a lot transfer know-how also will come from the navy tech investigate the Web, Satellites, nuclear ability, and jet plane transportation.

Anyway, I hope you will make sure you take into account all this.


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Source by Lance Winslow