Do We Want to Modify Human DNA to Travel to the Stars – Lengthy Phrase Area Exploration Feelings

Not prolonged ago, I was conversing to a conspiracy theorist close friend of mine, who is fully into the entire UFO strategy, and aliens from outer area. In reality he travels to Roswell at the time a 12 months for their annual conference and anniversary of the Roswell Incident. He is a fun person to speak to, as prolonged as I do not have to speak to him for also prolonged, mainly because he gets truly into the conspiracy point.

Even so, the other day in excess of espresso I requested him what if the aliens from Roswell are not really aliens at all, what if they are genetically engineered species designed by individuals for prolonged-phrase area journey? What if they are us or they share our DNA, and had been designed by us in the foreseeable future and sent again to earlier durations. And what if they had been accomplishing fine in their time travels but sadly their spaceship crash when it entered the radar field space which disrupted their anti-gravitational technique or their propulsion technique, triggering them to crash land in Roswell?

Just after I requested him this dilemma, mainly because as you probably comprehend I am a science fiction reader, I just smiled and leaned again, to listen to what he experienced to say. Oh, he was livid, he sees this alien come across as a terrific conspiracy, practically as if it really is a religion of some form, it really is thoroughly bizarre. However, the dilemma that I experienced set forth is value wondering about. Not from a conspiracy theorist standpoint, but rather from a science fiction standpoint of what we could have to do with the foreseeable future if we want to journey to the stars.

People have also a lot of bones for zero gravity area flight prolonged-phrase, they truly do not tackle radiation incredibly very well and there is a great deal of radiation in area. People also take in also much for prolonged-phrase area flight. Even so if we could resolve all those troubles through genetic engineering we could deliver folks or genetically engineered species which are practically like individuals to do the exploration for us.

Perhaps NASA really should be wondering below (hint: they presently are), and perhaps we can use regardless of what we find out to assist modified human DNA to use a lot less power below on Earth, to take in a lot less, and get rid of some of matters we do not require. For occasion, we do not require a tailbone, and our toes glimpse pretty humorous thinking about that we put on sneakers. There are a great deal of matters on the human system that are not precisely what we require to survive below on this earth, and these matters could be modified, which would make our lives less difficult and much more adaptable.

It would also make feeling to do this for all those that want to dwell in area colonies so they can survive for prolonged durations of time devoid of all those identical circumstances that are below on Earth. We really should study this, even if we select not to genetically modified individuals in the foreseeable future. Just mainly because what we find out can assist with foreseeable future health and fitness treatment, and the health and fitness of all individuals on this earth.

Let us face it, the transfer systems from NASA research has reworked the way we dwell and operate. It is remarkable and no one can deny that much of our fashionable features have occur from area research, these types of as components utilized in daily life, to the technological know-how in our air-conditioning devices autos. Without a doubt, much transfer technological know-how also arrives from the armed forces tech research the World wide web, Satellites, nuclear ability, and jet plane transportation.

In any case, I hope you will be sure to take into consideration all this.


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Supply by Lance Winslow