Disney Conspiracy Theories and Urban Legends

I’ve gotten a few requests to do a conspiracy theory video so I figured I’d do one about something most of us love. I tried to make this is as least “childhood …




  1. Nothing about the ghost haunting pirates of the Caribbean that the cast members have to greet every morning or else the ride breaks down multiple times?

  2. The moment I told my cousin about THE PIRATES conspiracy one…he turned white like "WTF!!??Are you kidding me??",I like…nope.

  3. Doesn't the TANGLED conspiracy also link THE LITTLE MERMAID too??I mean,that ship sure looks awfully familiar to me,the one where she gets all her "collectables" from.

  4. I always took Belle's favorite book to be foreshadowing her story with the beast! Far off places could be his castle; we dont know how far away it is. Daring sword fight could refer to Gaston and his mob attacking with swords. A prince in disguise sounds like the beast! But then when she is describing the book to the lamb (heheh) she goes on to say "here's where she meets prince charming, but she wont discover that it's him til chapter three" and if you look real close you can see the picture in the book is of a girl in a blue dress sitting by a fountain with sheep just like Belle like GORL HOW DID SHE NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM THAT BOOK THO

  5. so no one's going to comment on the fact that the "spirit man" with the red hair and red face wasn't actually in the video. like no one is going to say anything about that

  6. I don't know about yall but I would honestly love for when I die, for my skeleton to be forever in disneyland

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