OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Tana’s Disneyland story time (It’s A Small World is creepy yo) https://youtu.be/3xjomOZqo1k Creepy abandoned Disney …




  1. I believe the alligators in the water at Discovery Island. Florida has a shit ton of alligators everywhere, so it is plausible that some of the gators got into the water and were just chilling.

  2. So… you said people reported alligators at an abandoned Disney park IN FLORIDA, alligators and snakes are native to Florida so why is that suspicious?????

  3. I mean lost ISLAND on islands there are like water snakes and alligators it's not like those came from the zoo it rly depends on the species of alligator and snake to really know if Disney missed them

  4. When i went on small world ride at Disney land it was under construction like they were working in it but we could still go on it, and I was super scared of the animatronics but my mom loved it

  5. Just saying, for the discovery island the snakes and alligators, its florida, they're everywhere down here. It's not uncommon to see them around anywhere

  6. The boy that died in river country did die, it was from a deadly amoeba that eats away at your brain. He was the only guest to actually die from this amoeba since river country opened

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