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  1. my hannah montana conspiracy theory is that her wig had magical powers because how come no one realized it was miley with a different hair color cuz she still had the same face??????????

  2. doesn't it seem crazy that nobody notice that also Selena Gomez was on my sutie life on of zac and cody she was also a love interest so that mean i order for alex russo to be both of those people she would be using magic to live 2 other lives

  3. If London Tipton actually was a witch from Harry Potter than she would literally be dead. In Harry Potter, if you suppress your magic you will turn into an "Obscurial" and will die after exploding and unleashing a dangerous force of rapid untamed magic that will destroy anything in its path, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If my friend was secretly Ariana Grande and I didn't know, I think I would literally kill myself because of how stupid and betrayed I would have felt, lol.

  5. I thought London was like Paris Hilton because London and Paris are citizens and The Tipton and The Hilton are Hotels. Maybe I'm just stupid

  6. I don't know if this is like a theory but I found it weird that in high school musical 2 when sharpay shows troy her family and trys to get with him because of her parents money like in riverdale I think it's kinda crazy how the characters are sort of the same sharpay-Charyl Ryan-Jason Troy-Archie Mr&Mrs.Evens-Mr&Mrs.Blossom and how Ryan gets along with his mom and sharpay dosnt and I don't know if Jason got along with his mom varry well but I know that charyl didnt like how sharpay didnt

  7. I was wondering if London Tipton is actually Paris Hilton? The rich daughter of a big hotel owner? And her name London? aka Paris 😀 its kinda funny

  8. What if London's mom died when she was younger and she didn't want to think about it so she drowned he sadness in makeup and clothes and her dad gives he all the money so she doesn't have to think about what happened?? Well… that took a turn

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