Did A Lie Start WW1?

We all were taught how the First World War began in class. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, then all hell broke loose, bringing in the whole of Europe and fair …




  1. Driving force behind the WW1 was the same force behind the WW2. And it's the same force behind WW3 that is being staged before our eyes. That force is dark, luciferian, super wealthy with a lot of puppets in every country. This force has a crooked nose.

  2. The biggest reason for WW1 was because "They" needed every single European Empire dismantled from within and throughout the world so the European nations(plus America) would be easier to infiltrate! But it certainly wouldn't have been easy on paper. So, what "They" needed a weakness. A weakness to exploit in order to justify war against all colonial nations(plus Ottoman Turkey) in order to dismantle all the Empires. But as we all know, not every Empire was dismantled imdiately even after the war to end all wars. While the British and French Empires lived on a little longer afterwards, there certainly was red and death looming over Europe's horizon. After the war, Russia's Bolshevik Government attempted attempted to take over Europe to ensure the spread of Bolshevism through means of manipulation and brute force knowing the financial crisis Central and Europe had going through. With all the money "collected" from every European nation after the war, Soviet Russia used all the finances they had using Russia as a puppet to spread the Red terror in Europe; starting in Germany, since they were hit the hardest. Believing Europe's financial depression would make it easier to spread the NWO by means of both manipulation and brute force, "They" believed they had the easiest targets to work with. Or so "They" thought. Poland being the only European nation not that affected by the war(financially anyway) stood in the way of Lenin's, Trotsky's, and others in Bolshevik Russia's plans by establishing Communist dictators throughout Europe would not let "Them" through! With the money made from the suffering of man from WW1, Bolshevik Russia used as much economic resources they had to push through Poland in order to get to Europe; which resulted in 2+ years of fighting between Poland and Bolshevik Russia. And after 2+ years of fighting, Poland was able to halt the Soviet invasion of Europe; which cost Soviet Russia alot of Man power and economic resources to the point where Lenin's new policy became "Socialism in one country"! Now while this may have stopped aggressive Bolshevism from taking over Europe(and America), it wouldn't be enough to stop another dark cloud looming over Europe's horizon once again; only this time, it was a dark cloud based on revenge! That just about raps everything I Know. I hope you all learned something from this. Take care!

  3. As if the second didn't. As some ppl here noticed before me, all wars start with some amount of lies. WWII started because of Polish "aggression" towards the German nation. Yet, the thing is, the so called "aggression" was just a lack of acceptance for Hitler's idea to build an exterritorial highway to the free city of Gdansk…

  4. Sounds as though some ministers in Austria wanted a war and the Archduke was set up. Those ministers were backed and given encouragement and support by German ministers who also wanted a war. Germany had a good, well trained and organised citizen army but had also been greatly increasing the power of their navy since 1900. Britain had an efficient, but small army (called 'contemptible' by the Kaiser) and was unprepared for a European war; their navy was however the strongest in Europe benefitting from recent new designs in hull shapes and gunnery.
    The stories of attrocities committed by German troops subsequently proved to be correct. The Germans believed in total war regardless of consequences and that probably included the assassination of an inconvenient Austrian.

  5. Wilhelm II was not a pacifist. The German Empire under him was a lot more aggressive than it was under Wilhelm I. Because of Weltpolitik. Also, I agree that the British hid the truth about Belgium during the Great War. The German Empire wasn’t the bad guy at all. There was no good or bad in WW1.

  6. The mustache game in this video is next level.
    Like we where though in school the Balkans where like a powder keg during the first decade of the 20th century. Shit was going to find a way to hit the fan. But yea this theory about the lies was compelling

  7. Hopefully nobody's ignorant, delusional and stupid enough to believe this contradiction of reality.

    First video I've ever seen which denies the facts and pretends Serbia was innocent.

    The first which blames Austria-Hungary.

    The first which claims Princip was Bosnian when in he fact he was a Serb, his birth place is irrelevant, also.

    Serbia didn't want to allow an investigation into the terrorist group. Why? They supported it.

    Ignore what warnings? The driver took a wrong turn.

    Lots of people know that the Serbs caused World War 1, no point trying to deny it.

    Ironic for a video to talk about lies and propaganda whilst attacking facts.

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