DESTROYING David Pakman on #PIZZAGATE. He’s a SHILL!! “Fake news” “Bogus” “Conspiracy theory”

I literally destroy David Pakman on the issue of Pizzagate and Comet ping pong. Is he just a Shill? Calling Pizzagate “fake news” “a conspiracy theory” “bogus” …




  1. Don't care if Pakman is a shill, never heard of him. This "pizzagate" is a breadcrumb trail psy-op that lead to a hoax event and will end with legislation against the targeted group. Where is everyone up in arms about the child abuse (both physical and sexual) that is facilitated by CPS? Now Instagram pictures are the test for veracity? If you can't see through the fact that the most powerful people aren't using Instagram and chat rooms – when they know full well how to hide their tracks – then you deserve whatever you get because obviously are not rational enough to find any "truth" other than what is fed to you.

  2. of course that Dave pakman,will defend pizzagate whats being done is a Jewish ritual called human sacrifices,blood libel being Jewish he would know this. many didnt stop these old practices,,this isnt just pedophile rings, and Pakham knows it,,read your bibles act 7 42-43. that will even tell you what the star of David means, look at the names linked with this filth.,Epstein Weiner,Biden,podestas,and now we hear that Podesta;s were in Portugal staying at clement fraud(Sigmund Freud grandsons house a3rd of a mile from where Madeline McCann went missing .,,and Sigmund feud is still revered,,its a joke the man said little girls wnat to sleep with the ir dads and boys with their mothers such a sick & perverted ,whats the connection they are ALL JEWS LIKE PAKHAM< look a sex capital world berlin 1920s thats the filth you get under far left communist jewish rule(you do know i was jews who created communism,in Russia it wasn't the Russians that slaughtered,starved and tortured over 60million Russians) all the trans bs you see now hwas done before,only he Germans had to sell their bodies and eat rats to survive after once being a wealthy nations and the inventors of most things,again what did jews do in the Wiemar republic in the 1920s theres sop many hing ,,time is relalitvely new,many things to learn discover,and what do the jews choose,,to find out the orgasmic rate of a lesbian on heroin, not to mention the macabre art they attempted(this perversion isnt new either) ,they are perverted people wake up,

  3. what he does is say fak news the EXACT same phrase as wever been hearing from main stream,news,thats how you know hes a shill.

  4. Pakman is a full fledged tribal member of the Chosen Few of Yahweh and close ally to the LGBTers. Not that it means anything in particular.

  5. Excellent research! But do you really think the FBI is doing anything about this? I am just puzzled by those who think the government is going to investigate itself in any meaningful way. Its track record is horrible.

  6. Mental health is a real thing! Seek out help for your paranoia. You have no 'control' for your 'experiment', and you have lost any sort of benchmark for reality. Pizzagate, Benghazi, etc are mating-calls for people with mental illness. Tell me about FEMA camps, faked birth certificates, and lizard people who control the govt, and I will hold up a mirror and show you someone who has completely deluded their sense of reality with what they WANT to BELIEVE. #cognitivedissonance #mentalhealth #coincidenceisnotevidence

  7. Just google "fake news pizzagate" and then read every parrot mainstream propaganda media outlet's BS, and then watch David Pakman talk about it, and you will see he is a shill fuck.

    Call the washington dc police chief at 1 202 727 9099 tell him OR her to do their job, to investigate comet pizza and follow the leads wherever they go. Call New York City police department to investigate weiner, to take him to task and to bring charges where and when ever possible. ++++++ WE ARE THE PEOPLE+++++++ we must shame those that have little shame and be the squeaky wheel to drive home through constant bombardment to do what is right and protect the children. NYPD 1 212 639 9675++++++++++++++++++++++MAO SAID CHANGE MUST COME NOT THROUGH * PONTIFICATING * WAITING * JUS' SITTING AROUND!! WE KNOW WHAT THE FACTS ARE, SO LET MAO BE YOUR GUIDE AND PICK UP A PHONE AND CALL, ALL THROUGH THE DAY AND ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT 'TILL THE LAST PEDO'S GONE PUT DOWN THE PHONE.

  9. without a doubt David Pakman is deliberately down playing and avoiding pizzagate – he doesn't want to deal with. btw have you seen the Podesta child torture video ?

  10. Anyone who totally dismisses the Pedophile acts in DC without a police like investigation has been paid off or perhaps scared off.

  11. You come off as so incredibly insecure, it's pitiful. You had only insults and zero arguments. No destroying happened here. In truth, all you internet lurkers are the real shills and liars. What a waste of time.

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