DENVER CONSPIRACY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYVqHOn9i1Q TWITTER: @FearlessJ2008 INSTAGRAM: @jnjPhotos.




  1. This is the 3rd video I've seen on this same thing today. But I'm wondering why nobody ever seemed to notice this until suddenly TODAY, on the alleged Mayan "end of the world"? I'm sure those murals and statues didn't magically materialize themselves just today.
    All I know is, people seem to be so in love with the whole idea of apocalypse and new world order and satanizm… what exactly would everybody do if it DID actually come to fruition? I think people need to be careful what they wish for.

  2. I been into conspiracy theories myself, but I have to admit, many people who are into conspiracy theories are losers, they used the "illuminati as a crutch" as a excuse for not being where they're not in life. Listen to Alex Jones all day but not working on their craft/skills. They become stagnant and don't move on in life. They stay in a constant bubble of blaming, being afraid, envious of successful people. I watched them myself till this day but its really a distraction.

  3. What are your views about marilyn Manson? He's my favorite band but I get anti illuminati and illuminati themes from his lyrics. He also uses themes from freemasorns.

  4. I'm a former gang member, gangs are nothing more than a witch coven. They are really just another branch of the occult, the structure, the secrecy involved, along with the drugs and fear based mind control that are used on the members, of course the initiations, all these things are rooted in the very religion of Satan. I'm not speaking for little wannabe crews, I'm speaking about what i know and have experienced and came to learn the hard way.

  5. I have a very thorough knowledge of the occult and secret societies because of the gang members and drug dealers I've associated with. I've had experiences that leave me without a shadow of a doubt that there are literally fallen angels under the leadership of Satan who are intimately involved with those who are initiated into the occult, including gangs.

  6. However, just like most branches of the occult (freemasonry, martial arts, etc…) Lower ranking members ar rarely aware of the true nature of the things they are getting involved in until it's too late. There is a process of initiation and familiarity with occult teachings which gradually lead to what is really just preparing the initiate for the acceptance and worship of lucifer. I praise God for deliverance from the darkness I was involved in.

  7. Thanks for the video. People need to know these things. We need to breakdown the strongholds that the enemy has over our society and warn our young children to shun evil no matter how much these vile "stars" glorify it in their songs/movies.

  8. Man, niggas love conspiracies! Listen, the "illuminati" ain't nothing, but a bunch small hat wearing jews. End of story. Do I care if they might suck a goats dick at night or dress up in funny clothes and do rituals? FUCK NO! You muthafuckas be putting extra on shit that can be identified real easy. You giving these people cover by calling them "Illuminati" They are not illuminated in such way and they can be defeated. They are not gods. Just rich faggots with money. KNOCK IT OFF!

  9. Criminal BPD – Kimberly Kay Bowman & her husband Scott have been involved in a criminal conspiracy, child-killing ring with a known convicted child abuser in Arvada, CO. "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Enyart is connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Sigg too – Google it. The Bowmans stole $30,000 from the Ridgeways while exploiting Jessica. *Google "Bob Enyart ShadowGov Small Foreign Faction" to learn more.

  10. Brother, it worse than you can imagine. I've been doing research on this for YEARS and let me tell you, UFO's? They're demons, they have taken over Denver, quite literally. Colorado in general is in bad shape but Denver is the capitol of evil, Prince of the power of the Air has, for some reason, chosen Denver, more specifically, UNDER Denver, which looks like a massive any farm full of these retched creatures. The alarm needs to be sounded and the rank and file Christians need to start PRAYING!

  11. Very true man. Gangs are secretly helping the Illuminati indirectly. It's all connected. Terrorist organizations and Drug Cartels are also in this secret network. They all play a part on the destruction of the good. They communicate thru mind control and technology. I know this because im a victim of their targeting. they came after me when I started speaking out against the Illuminati.

  12. And They All Are Under Satans  Control. Then Iblis (Satan), the enemy of Allah, said: Because you have sent me astray, surely, I will lie in wait against them (on) Your Straight Path. Then I will come to them from before them (To make the way difficult for them) and from behind them (To tear up all the good they do), from their right (posing as a friend) and from their left (like an outright enemy), and you will not find most of them thankful ones. Surah Al-A raf, 7:16-17. Surah 2:168-172. O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Lawful and good; And do not follow The footsteps of the Evil One (satan), For he is to you An avowed enemy. 169. For he commands you What is evil And shameful. And that ye should say Of Allah that of which ye have no knowledge. 170. When it is said to them: Follow what Allah has revealed: They say: Nay! we shall follow The ways of our fathers: What! even though their fathers Were void of wisdom and guidance. 171. The parable of those Who reject Faith is As if one were to shout Like a goat- herd, to things That listen to nothing But calls and cries: Deaf, dumb, and blind, They are void of wisdom. 172. O ye who believe! Eat of the good things That We have provided for you And be grateful to Allah, If it is Him ye worship.

  13. The Leaders in All the Street Gangs in the United States should be arrested and Sent To Prison. Send enough Street Gang Leaders to prison and you will wipe out Violent Street Gangs in the United States. Street Gang Leaders are Drug Dealers. Drugs are pretty well controlled by the Street Gangs in America. Wipe out the Street Gangs and for the most part you will wipe out Drugs in America. Street Gang Leaders are Killers and Thieves. The Killers and Thieves in Black Street Gangs, control Black Culture in America. This is most unfortunate but it is the way it is. The Black Street Gang Culture is holding Black Americans Down.

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