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  1. i have deja-vu every single day and i later on get these migraines and they hurt terribly. one time i said to my sister "marie might spill her soda" 5 minutes later marie came back and had a soda, she take one sip and accidentally hit it… there was no chance my sister could have talked to her when it happened and idk i just felt so weird

  2. I experience déjà-vu all the time, pretty much everyday and I listen to new songs I've never heard and I feel like I heard it before and I remember doing stuff I've never done before. I get this everyday.

  3. Okay, so idk if this is what you meant with the parallel universe theory, but I was thinking maybe like you said the both worlds branch out and maybe deja vu is the glitch and it overlaps both worlds, so that is what makes you have deja vu, because you're basically seeing yourself(the other you in the other world) approaching the same action.

  4. I had a wise little friend that would experience very strong deja vu. Her philosophy on deja vu was that it was a "sign" that she's on the right path. Not scientific or anything but it definitely gives me a sense of peace now when I experience deja vu myself.

  5. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this before, if they did I apologize but I can't read all the comments on here. I think several of the theories are interesting. I was thinking what if deja vu is not about a past experience at all. Everyone has intuition to certain degrees. I hate to use the word "psychic" because it means so many things and it gets a bad rap, but what if deja vu is not something you actually experienced before but instead a moment of clairvoyance or very high intuitive sight into the future and when it actually happens its just a memory of your intuition sending you signals from an earlier time. I have no idea really, but I thought that could be a possibility.

  6. I understand this idea of oras more so I'd feel it would be that when you connect to others your spiritual "powers" can become stronger so perhaps when we experience these things it's due to like a phsycic type thing seeing the future. but I don't believe that I believe strongly in the alternate universe theory that makes most sense

  7. Hi! I love your channel and I've been watching for awhile but I'm not used to interacting on YouTube so ayyy but anyway you should do a video about global warming and chemtrails!! I definitely want to hear your opinions on that stuff haha

  8. Josh and Kendall are cute. At first I only watched her conspiracy/crime/that sorta stuff videos. But I've branched out to watch most of her and josh's videos. And I love their trippy talks 🙂

  9. Deja vu is real and I have a good explanation for it; every time I experience deja vu, I have a dream about that event; I didn't know why that thing happened in the dream, then when it happened, when I am awake, the event I saw in my dream makes a lot more sense.

  10. Ive heard that your brain works faster than you thinking, so that when you see something and feels like you have seen og been There before because your brain sees what ever before you realice it ? and them you sitt with a feeling of desjavo. Hard to explane. Im from norway and my english is not that Good ?
    I belive that, But ive had dreams years ago where i dreamt that i did not understand where i was and when i moved now looking up at the houses around and i understod where i was in that dream from 4 years ago! Weard.. and i knew where everything was and everything!

  11. My parents are psychologysts and once I ask them what was deja Vu and I can't quite remember their exact words and they are not here with me… But basically they said that you were in a moment having whatever situation and a part of your brain registered that situation and a second or a millisecond later another part of your brain registered and that was dejavu Vu, of course they told me that nobody was sure about what it was, but that was what they learned and read about as psychologysts… And I don't know I think it is a fair explanation, what do you think about it?

  12. Just in case anyone interested in the way you describe parallel universes, there's a book called A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawerence that's based almost entirely on that theory

  13. My theory of dejavú is that your brain has put together some sort of series of memories. For example let's say your friend tells you a story of her riding a bike wearing a pink shirt while she was a little girl and you remember this subconsciously but you forget a couple of years later because it was not a super big event. So let's say you see a little girl riding a bike wearing a pink shirt one day and you swear you've seen it before but it was just your subconscious thoughts that you've imagined in your head while your friend was telling a story. Or maybe it was a book that you've played like a movie in your head and you think you've seen similar events like the book that make you think you've seen it before.

  14. I had a random thought that when you look at something and say to your self I will have deja-vu, later you will have deja-vu sometimes it can come soon sometimes it takes months. Try it it works for me

  15. You two are so freaking cute!!! ??? Could you do story times with your husband??? You could do individual stories and then some shared stories. 🙂

  16. Although I don't have as vivid things as some of you guys do, once I went camping at a completely new place and I hate deja vu multiple times and it was so weird. I had never been there before yet I remembered how the positions of the trees and things were. It was odd. I've had other deja vu experiences but I can't remember them now because that is the most recent one that I can remember.

  17. I've had many dreams that have played out in reality either the day after or up to a couple of weeks later after the dream. An example being I dreamt my mam had taken home a black and brown puppy and we called him tobias. There was no mention of another pet at all but a couple of weeks later my mam took home a black and brown puppy we called tobias. I've had it play out in real life as well , an example of this is, one day in school aged about 14 I was walking towards the entrance down a corridor that was glass, out the window I was my best friend at the time run down the small set of steps in the car park and make her way to the entrance, then I got a little disoriented (only for a couple of seconds). I went outside to meet her but couple her her, I was looking around in the crowd and just then I saw her run down the set of steps in the car park and towards me just outside the entrance of the school . Many many strange experiences I have had including being woken up during the night by a girl in my room

  18. I had deja vu but it was like a memory from a night mare where a guy raped me in a small Chick-fil-A bathroom then I saw the same guy from the nightmare

  19. Is it weird that I remember things that never happened like dejavu but I can't remember the instances I've had dejavu even though it happens a lot?

  20. Deja Vu is SUCH an interesting topic but there are other topics I'm actually concerned about as well and I don't know if I'm the only one who has experienced this.
    The first topic is about time. When I was in elementary school, I always used to come home and whenever I would look at the time randomly, it would be 3:33 pm. I've had this happen to me too many times to count, my whole family knew I would always say "333 the time I always see." idky. I know ana campbell has experienced this with the number 444.

    The second topic is about mirrors and it's not scary so don't worry :") But has anyone ever experienced looking in the mirror and thinking "is this how i look" and constantly replaying that phrase in your head until you get stuck. I don't know how to explain it but has anyone ever looked at themselves for so long and battle with the fact that you are in your own body that you become so confused at who you are.

    Its so hard to explain but please tell me I'm not the only one.

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