Deconstructing Kelly Brogan Ep 4: All the Conspiracies (Re-upload)

This is a re-upload. The first had a copyright claim that did not resolve. Recently Joe Rogan had Kelly Brogan on his podcast. Much insanity happened.




  1. No doubt she is a hack but you must know that all agendas-right,left, do use bots to advance a cause all over the Internet. This woman is a manipulative liar but people and organizations do use bots among other means of pushing an agenda. Again I am not defending this attention seeking blood money hack.

  2. "I took out a huge life insurance when I published my book" that statement to me says that she's more than just a con artist, she's either conned herself or she actually believes her own bullshit…. I don't know which is worse…
    But then there's: You were afraid you were gonna die?" "It's happened before" "to who?" shuts up you know, for someone who is supposedly afraid for her life, why aren't you cowering in the corner? If you think the government is killing off your colleagues, then do what Snowden did, publish it and run and talk about it from the comfort of a non-extraditing country. If you truly believe you're in the right, you'd be shouting it from the rooftops like those irritating preachers on public broadcast

  3. all 3 episodes that ya dont on her makes me think she is kinda uhh how do i say this nicely ummm Dumb
    I might be wrong but she kinda gives off the impression she is dumb or very clever at getting money out of dumb folks

  4. This is what happens when you are too hot so for your entire life people around you dont call you out on your bullshit because they want to fuck you.

  5. I know this is completely unfounded, and this is picking on the person not the argument, but the woman has crazy eyes. Every time she says something she is wide eyed, she looks like a psycho.

  6. It is a shame that you feel the need to rip apart someone that is merely trying to provide an alternative to those who don't buy into or benefit from the main stream. If it is not for you, then move on. But why spend so much time and energy trying to disprove her when many benefit from her suggestions more so than they do from mainstream treatments? Have you bothered to try anything she suggests or know anyone who has? Don't knock it till you try it!

  7. Not to mention you completely twist and exaggerate most of what she is saying in an extremely obnoxious, close-minded, and ego-driven way.

  8. Jeff Holiday
    I've been binge watching you for two days now.You have truely enlightened me, I'm actually shocked you don't have more subs.You're intelligent,intresting,handsome,talented,funny, and unique.Joy is the one who turned me onto your channel.
    ILY Jeff from your fan ♡♡♡

  9. How can she defend herself so absolutely like that? I will never understand how some people can be so fucking blasé about stuff that can harm folks, where is her conscience? Sick people are such an easy target, people can be desperate to get well, you're right Jeff, it's absolutely fucking evil. Same old snake oil bullshit but worse for pimping it as a legitimate alternative to actual fucking medicine. Potentially murdering people for what? Money and asspats? It's disgusting and infuriating and so fucking sad.

  10. Holy shit, check out Annapurna, Carrie Ann moss is promoting this charlatan! She musta left her brain in the fucking matrix man! Celebrity endorsements for stuff like this is dangerous as fuck. It was in my recommended videos, I hoe yours show up in the sidebar on their videos, just so that some folks might be exposed to the truth about her wacky shit. No wonder there is so much engagement on her social media, celebs sell well.

  11. So I came to your channel after watching the most hilarious ass whooping that you have onionboy, but I have to say I love your content. 👍

  12. In my honest opinion, anyone who dies from ditching their medication, or gets killed by a psychotic who ditched their medication because of her, is a murder she is directly responsible for.
    And she should go to prison for life for that.

  13. She's a psychiatrist?…
    So,let me get this straight, mentally ill people, who need clinical help with their minds, go to her to get… better?

  14. well, the same way the fbi and other govt agencies killed black people in the black panthers and other civil rights movements, yet the civil rights eventually passed through our govt.  when an industry is threatened, it is not unheard of to try to silence someone who may blow the whistle, even though they also may have paid millions of dollars in court.  you can have both at the same time.

  15. she never said "ditch your medicine."  she says she tapers people off while also giving them diet and lifestyle requirements.

  16. I thought you couldn't get a life insurance policy if you think or no you will die shortly after? i could be wrong but i thought insurance companies didn't give out large policies to those who are either perceived by others or themselves "high risk"

  17. sounds like someone takes some psych meds and has a little bit of a resentment towards a woman who has different opinions just because you have to take psych meds Gaylord doesn't mean everybody has to

  18. I love the JRE Podcast, what i love most is when Joe has the more outlandish people on his podcast and how he sees through their bullshit and the guest has no idea, its almost like he’s playing 5D chess and the guest is playing checkers

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