Debunking 9/11 conspiracy theorists part 1 of 7 – Free fall and how the towers collapsed

re-uploaded Myles Power confronts 9/11 truthers to see if their claims can stand up. In this video he discusses the World Trade Center’s Design to withstand airplane impacts, fule or oxygen-starve…




  1. From what I recall say that they fell at “near free fall speed.” I question the collapse of building 7. That is what has always bothered me.

  2. You haven't debunked anything… Cmon man. Building 7. They knew it was coming down way before. Total demolition. The owner of the building even admitted it on live tv. Case closed. If 1 building was wired…. They ALL were. How the insurance companies and courts gave Larry Silverstien Billions for this is crazy. He knows something and should be waterboarded until he tells us the truth.

  3. Firefighters stated there were explosions at the base, in the middle, at the collapse and/or before the collapse started.

  4. Myles you sir are a " Fucking Brain Dead Moron " it was an inside job and if you think that 19 virgin craving goat fuckers defeated the worlds biggest and best air defense then your fucking deluded!!! And how many cameras around the pentagon and only 1 poxy poor quality view that was BLATENTLY a missile / rocket. You sir are stupid!!

  5. None of the imagery concerning the events of 9/11 can be trusted since the entire event was a PSYOP. No plane hit any building that day. It was just CGI. The buildings were demolished whilst nobody was in them. We have been fooled and if you people don't wake up soon to these type of (corporate) mass media fakery, it will be too late.

  6. the empire state building??? i think that may have been built a little bit before the plane that hit it. so why didn't that come down in a near gravitational speed freefall? and WHAT FUCKING FOG?? ARE YOU WATCHING THE SAME TWIN TOWERS??? SHOW ME ONE VIDEO WITH A FUCKING TRACE OF FOG. FUCK!!!
    allowing thousands of people to escape?? that would be nearly everybody. how did the fireman get covered in cement dust are you are structural engineer??? because there a lot of them demanding answers. what exploded BEFORE the plane hit?

  7. your assumption of plane speed is off the charts it is possible for them too fly at that speed without structural damage and also impossible to control at that height

  8. you speak about veocity from planes,i see you knows nothing about planes,a plan has a critical point and then it disintegrate!! and when only 2-3colum remain intakt, such a symmetric fall is not possible!!! and why it dont slow down?? Hightower is in the under site much more massiv then the part above,so it must slow down,it's impossible to maintain the same speed. you dont are a debunker,but a stupid guy!!! what about flight 03,you dont find remains,only a hole,have you even see a real incident scene???and your picture shows nothing,only a little part from the remains??

  9. Who ever made this video is a idiot ..lol ,
    1-no video of planes hitting pentagon are seen
    2- no plane visible or suitcases or wing left on plane that hit farmland in Virginia in the middle of no where .. ( yet all over the world any plane crash leaves debri)
    3- thermite residue found
    4-cab guy in pentagon freeway admitted he was lying ..
    5- u can see with your own eyes explosions going on inside building 7 , and falls just the same way as one hit by planes🙄🙄

  10. Here are just a few of the ginger chicken's sock puppets:
    +Mark H
    M fitz
    Weasel100 (very apt)
    +Harry Heinekin
    And many others.
    He's even cloning others accounts now and posting crap in their names.
    He just can't debunk anything and as everyone can see for themselves, he is shit scared to show his own face on his own video.
    It shows how desperate he is to keep the paychecks coming in from the BBC.

    This series is bought to you,and funded by the BBC. Source :Myles Power. This taken from ''Interview with Charlie Veitch – The truther who changed his mind (part 1)''
    Myles Power : '' I first heard of Charlie Veitch back in 2011 on a BBC news article, whilst drinking fine cognac that i could afford after the Zionist Jews at the BBC decided to fund my 9/11 debunking series.''
    He says this in the first minute of this video :Interview with Charlie Veitch – The truther who changed his mind (part 1) – YouTube


    Sock puppets by Julia Wynands on Prezi

  11. Most of you conspiracy theorists have been duped by russian troll bots. Your gullibility makes it too easy for them to destabalize our country. Do a real patriotic act today and get a library card and stop believing everything you see on youtube because it's just content driven nonsense that even the hosts and presenters don't really believe themselves. Stop being a bunch of f**king patsies!

  12. So these "debunkers" disregard the expert testimony regarding controlled demolitions. OK, just for shits and giggles, let's say the two towers were hit by planes; tower 7 was not and no debris hit. What caused building 7 to collapse in THE EXACT MANNER? Debunkers have no explanation. Another fact they leave out is the first responders saying they heard for ALL THEE BUILDINGS to be "pulled", which is a demolitions' term. An EDITED DVD is in no way proof to use to debunk anything. Anyone supporting the "official story" is a complete idiot.


  14. is this guy stupid or what???? that or those planes would've broken in pieces never mind going 500 mph, at a low altitude like that? IMPOSSIBLE …….WHAT ABOUT TOWER 7….WAKE UP WANKER? HOLY SMOKE!

  15. The guy that designed the buildings was interviewed and said himself that they were designed to withstand airliner hits and he also said that he was shocked when they both came down. Do some more research moron. I didn’t get 3 minutes into this video before I heard you lie.

  16. Myles Power – The most obvious Zionist shill on the web. This guy must be paid for his apparent sarcastic approach spewing disinformation. At 5:30 Myles debunks himself attempting to describe the building column structure being the cause of the collapse… so what about the traditional column design of WTC 7? Can't have it both ways. This guy has to purposely be acting ignorant to frustrate those of us who are awake and pandering to those who are still asleep keeping them in a blissfully comatose existence.

  17. You are a desperate and stupid shill. Lots of numbers, bit of physics (what is the value of G by the way and the melting point of steel?)
    Fire damage? … And how did the BBC know the WTC 7 was going to fall? Was that because Silverstein said it "was going to be pulled?"?
    Go scrub your brain. YOU are the really gullible fool.

  18. Sadly, "truthers" don't have the attention span to actually watch this fantastic series and comprehend the arguments, no matter how clearly you present them. They only respond to buzzwords and idiocy that, paradoxically, makes them feel clever for rejecting some imagined boogeyman status quo. I'd literally bet my life on the fact that not one single "truther" made it past this first video, let alone watched all of them. The prospect of being proven wrong is the scariest one in the entire Universe for a brainwashed pseudo-skeptic.

  19. wow.
    ..one or two steel outer beams stand longer than 10 seconds and that's your way to disprove it? hahahahahah….
    do you have the slightest idea how much it would require to drop the tower?….and you know there's no way possible that a couple of beams could've survived for a few seconds longer than others? Wow, Mensa members watch out

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