Debunked: Flight MH370 Rothschild Patent Conspiracy Theory

We debunk the Malaysian flight MH370 / Rothschild patent conspiracy http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/malaysiapatent.asp –On the Bonus Show: …




  1. repltilians why are you joking about it this is all so fucked they joking about it to try and convince people that its not real , then why do we see illuminati symbolizm every fucking where fuk tv fuk the news fuk the government

  2. Jews don`t `control everything`.  They probably control like 20% of everything, which is still insane considering they are 0.2% of the world population, but they don`t control everything.

  3. I don't believe the conspiracy. I don't believe this debunked video. What's to say there is 100% truth in this story and the word "conspiracy theory" is flung around as use of propaganda? We know the news can be manipulated and social manipulation is a very real thing. It could be complete truth. Complete Bull fabricated as a conspiracy. Make a judgement based on all the facts and the way the world works. These guys didn't make that much of a good point. 

  4. I cant believe all these stupid fucking comments at an even more stupid video. Rolls royce monitor engines live timing, all of the Malaysian boeing fleet has this same tracking. You laugh and make fun of conspiracies and the so called "conspiracy theorist" but you are dumb to the facts. The above fact is all you need to know for you to realise some people know what happened to the plane. Who cares about the details when such a gaping lie is right in front of your ignorant faces.
    The semiconductor in question is for military use, that is pretty obvious I feel. It's tiny and powerful and can easily have many uses in secret under the radar warfare (literally). And you laugh, David Pakman, at the idea of people with real, unmeasurable wealth would do such a thing.
    The great illusion: Making you believe money is power, when in fact control is. From the questions people ask about MH370 and the look of these comments people are very easy to control when it's obvious they get spoonfed their knowledge. It took me 10 minutes to find out what satellite technology we as a planet have and what services Malaysia airlines gets from Rolls Royce. These people don't need money anymore don't you realise? Ask yourself the questions and find the answers, you have a big ol' brain so use it!

  5. The same way you're proposing your hypothesis is the same way the conspiracy theorists are proposing. Instead they are providing evidence to strenghten their claim. You are more going by "morals" that you think a man with more than enough money has and he's a good person and wouldn't do that. I think you should support your "debunking" by proving the theorists wrong. You have no facts or so called evidence. You're going by good faith…lol if theres any left in this world. 

  6. Look, a child in an oversize jacket. Bu the microphone looks professional.

    Guess on the balance, this is legit.

  7. This chip can do much more than is being claimed here so trying to downplay the importance of this semiconductor by not even mentioning it's military applications just swayed me to believe in the conspiracy. 

  8. not really I know greedy people. it's never enough and set's up control for fallowing family . but good to see a different side . a lot of your points make no since . hundred people you don't know is nothing compared to invading countries say like Cambodia and killing 200 thousand for a banana company .Guatemala but that is cia usa but they work for the banks and corps .  lol. don't matter how small they have done it before . just make a flight go in bad weather if they can get rid of people they don't like .  good to see a counter to it but they would not invest if it didn't turn into something major . not saying they did but they would if they could . 

  9. Too bad you couldn't provide some facts, like the flight passenger list showing they were not on there. If it's a Rockefeller company, there's a connection, for sure. Your logic fails this time David.

  10. Of course your " video " is on top of the search list for this matter. How coincidental . Let me tell you something….you just lost all credibility in my book. I don't care how you turn it to make it sound ………ah, forget it ….unsub‼️💊

  11. Who is to say it's just about Rothschild and not about denying the Chinese the technology, also, there are a number of ways to take down a plane without the pilots knowing about it. Conspiracies theories are there to give the reader a different view point to distract them away from other peoples and the media's opinion of what they want the masses to believe.

  12. David Packman is a shill for Zionism and fake news. You really believe Rothschild is worth only 5 billion? Him and Rockefeller are trillionaires.

  13. Oh I know where I'll go for my facts on such things. Dave Pakman!

    Probably thinks 9/11 was done by a bunch of cave dwellers with box cutters…I guess so with the subtle gaslighting on 9/11.

    Sign up today to the Dave Pakman show and funnel your savings into more kosher news.

    Remember: it's just a coincidence goy!

  14. How the f*ck does this guy have nearly 400k subscribers yet everything he said in this video is complete bullshit. And with a title "Debunked" you would hope he would first have all the facts!!

    3 years later it's been 100% confirmed that MH370 was hijacked by the CIA and controlled remotely through the "Uninterrupted Autoflight" mechanism. And yes, Rothschild did end up with 100% of the patent right. But it wasn't for financial gain, well obviously that too, but the CIA had to block the transfer of the technology because the US couldn't allow china getting a hold of the cloaking technology. All of this is well documented, I mean on of the passengers managed to get a message out 10 days after the plane taken to a military hanger.

  15. Could it be that bitcoin is at an all time high. And mining that moneys reliance is dependent on having a semiconductor powerful enough to keep mining the currency. I imagine bitcoin got big bank backing around the time of the planes disappearance. Makes sense in 2018.

  16. Anyone who defends the Rothschilds is a stupid idiot puppet hoping for crumbs from the elite bastard’s table.

  17. "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    ― David Rockefeller

  18. Can u debunk Rothschild NOT owning
    PG&E and NOT causing the
    Cali wildfires using overloaded PG&E power lines and helped by smart meters to take dc current to ground and heating up the earth and burning houses down but not trees
    Along with DEW fired by by planes u can't see because of cloud cover & the advanced
    chip that the missing dudes on the missing plane invented and Rothschild now owns that apparently cloaked planes from physical sight as well as radar …

  19. …." when you talk to 9/11 conspiracy theorists" ? Thank you for making it clear from who's mouth comes this BS video.

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