David Icke talks conspiracy theories – BBC News

David Icke is asked about conspiracy theories around 9/11 and lizards in Buckingham Palace. The former footballer and TV presenter spoke to Andrew Neil, Liz …




  1. 24 hours later I add this. These are documented as facts, so why didn't Icke cite Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, Iran Contras and many others, then the three of them would have been completely fucked. Why oh why?

  2. heckmayöhR shes rite…

    i sea chemvans in rocks in G€ and contrails in fields next to big square buildings all the time ^^

    lol sometime you can even predict their excusationüll uh elementals ^

  3. lol hillsborough a conspiracy ^

    ´R U dopey´ ^^

    those werent football enthusiasts or ordinary people wanting to find out whats so damn long taking or making so much noise ´över there´ no twas just happening a local pub
    clash dashed out a new guinnessy ^ ^

  4. David is right with some of the conspiracies in the first half…but guess what…all of them have been exposed by actual journalists who stick to facts and not by youtubeer or writers who believe in demonic snake people. Your stuff doesn't becomes factual because you mix it with facts.

  5. TV presenters are scared to death of David and with good cause. He knows more than they do. Even though this was a debate nobody really interacted with David.

  6. "I meant members of the public and the other people that aren't here to defend themself"

    I love how maintained Davids composure is all the way through, makes him seem more than reasonable…

  7. David Icke is a brilliant mind and I recommend people subscribe to his Youtube channel. You will learn so much from him. Far more than from the propagandist BBC

  8. BBC blatant bullshitin cabal- directer general ie top dog n 12 trustees undr this poodle r appointed by govt n RUBBERSTAMPED by Queen.hence as independent as a fart in a space suit- never trust msm n govts who rob n enslave- question is ur birthright n duty as a free thinkin individual the alternative a owned robot

  9. Andrew Neil a lick arse lackay for the rullin class that will stick to the script n agenda n won't dare veer off track for his job is on the line- the Pluto klepto cratic system can never b investigated by such msm frauds as these- who r being paid dishonest amounts money by the people who pay the licence fee but hav n representation on the board.

  10. Andrew Neil very obviously trying to conflate questioning of the official 9/11 story with believing in shape shifting reptilians. What a wanker

  11. those 3 apart from David havent got a single brain cell of use. spoon fed everything to believe whatever the wire tells them. that bint on the sofa is a perfect example of the dog shit mentality of a woman.
    David is smarter than all of them combined. He smart enough to say, let me use my brain and work out whats really going on.
    Wake up people.

  12. Completely harmless conspiracy theorist. If he wants to believe in alien lizard men let him. If his followers want to believe Icke's fantasies, let them. No point censoring or getting morally outraged about it; there's nothing to be outraged or censorious about. If people want to believe there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, let them.

  13. Here's a conspiracy for ya BBC… the western world hates and is doing all it can to fight and prevent terrorism. When in reality, Britain, the US, and Canada are selling weapons in record numbers to Saudi Arabia and other terrorist organizations around the middle east. Now there's a conspiracy.

  14. You should not accept everything about the system. In the west, we are manipulated to some degree by governments and not least the popular media. But David Icke is very much a part of the latter – that is how he has made a living for the last 25 years. For those of you who are desperate to follow a Messiah, remember the words from Life of Brian: you are all individuals and you all have to work it out for yourselves. The latter takes some proper effort and brain power. Don't just swallow the fantasy stories of this attention-seeking ignoramus.

  15. Do not discuss with this kind of people. It is a time waste. Let them continue living in their ignorance. You have a lot of credibility around the world and I congratulate you for what you have achieved. 🙂 🙂 :-)

  16. BBC, your days are numbered. The public is waking up and starting to realise that you're just a propaganda machine.

  17. To be far to David Icke they have proved that the small WTC that was not hit by a plane could not have fallen due to fire debris. No official explanation has been put forward, and no one has picked up the story.

    I also find it strange that we went to war with Iraq breaching international law and no one in government got done. Thousands were killed yet we try to leave the EU and people are brainwashed into thinking that's somehow racist yet not all countries are in the EU so it's fairly flawed logic.

    I know what he's saying though, taking about stuff like that is somehow seen as crazy even though the facts are there. The problem as i see it, is that you dig deep enough and you might find that what you find drives you insane.

  18. Andrew Neil is one of the most party line towing propagandists the BBC has! As for Portillo stating most conspiracies are just bad policy decisions or cock ups lol! So LYING about the weapons of mass destruction to start a war in Iraq was just an innocent mistake, not just a blatant lie! Which, like with most of these bad policy decisions, always somehow seems to fall in to line with A. policy set out years before by governments and various other controlling organisations e.g. Neocons or CFR and B. have the coincidental effect of ALWAYS enriching the elites and major corporations e.g. Halliburton, Cheney and now Blair as with the Iraq war!

  19. She said the world is just chaotic but the reality is, it really isn't. Within Humanity there is order, within nature it self there's order. If we look at our selves and look at Gorillas or a Pack of Wolves, there's order within that group. You can see here the Media downplaying conspiracy theorists because they are part of that order, they are part of the establishment. The Media did the same thing about Brexit and with the US presidency. They said that Hilary was winning and actively promoted it, they also said the Remain campaigners were in the lead, they both didn't anticipate that the opposite would win.

  20. Ugh… Ignorance. No, I'm not talking about David Icke. I really appreciate and hear what he has to say. His books really help all of this make sense. He is definitely not intellectually lazy.

  21. He just showed how much of an awful so called journalist he still is by being absolutely dismissive from start to finish and this show of his is an utter joke of a plolitics show and a waste of license fee.

  22. People are normally given time to plug their books etc. when they go on programmes like that. But you notice how quickly Andrew Neil shut up David Icke at the end when he was about to explain his world tour.

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