Darth Jar Jar – Star Wars Theory

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  1. Another example is how Jar Jar gets Anakin to meet Qui-Gon. With the meat in his mouth you can see Jar Jar lean back and aim it at Sebulba – Jar Jar does not just open his mouth to let go of the meat. Then, right when Sebulba is about to punch him, he waves his hand EXACTLY like a force user in front of Sebulba and he stops his punch.

  2. I'm convinced. I'm also convinced that there was backlash cause half of us, like me, were just kids who didn't understand Politics and just hated how annoying Jar Jar was. I'm serious, I don't even remember him being a Senator or any of the political scenes.

  3. Interesting theory. It is also possible that over the thousand years of there being the Rule of Two, that others were trained and thought to have died and went on to train people. In other words there might have been several independent groups of Sith around, all unaware of the others. The would not fight each other in case they would attract attention of the Jedi. Going to have to watch the prequels again to see all these scenes and look for those little subtle hints. It would explain sooo much.

  4. I don't usually care much for fan fiction, theory etc. But this I believe is very plausible. Also, I think this makes more sense in regards to a "phantom menace". Would have been interesting to see this play out in the movies.

  5. Will he ever be in any more movies. What if he is the dark calling that palpatine was getting through the force thin the empire strikes back I think it is. Also binks could be snoks master!🙀

  6. I commented on another video like this, that Jar Jar if he's so powerful, he could be manipulating or moving Snoke around like a puppet, like in Being John Malkovich, or Snoke could be a corpse for all we know, and he was moving him around and making him talk like Weekend at Bernie's
    and after they arrive on Tatooine , Qui gon expresses to the crew to make no transmissions so they cannot be traced . then after they visit Watto's shop, where Jar Jar is missing when Padme is talking to Anakin, he might have found a transmitter in the the junk shop, because after they get to Anakin's house, where he also might found one, the next scene is on Coruscant saying that Tatooine is sparsely populated, so how would they know where the Queen is unless someone on Tatooine radioed them that she is there.

  7. when Obi wan is doubting Jar Jar that he was banished because he is clumsy, Jar Jar could have been lying about his banishment, there were no other gungans in the bongo submarine to counter his story

  8. when sidious learns that the Queen is working with the Gungans, he is surprised and you can see him thinking that if he kills the Gungans, he will be free of Darth Jar Jar, so he tells the Viceroy to "wipe them out, ALL of them"

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