Darth Bridal and other creative uses

June 29 - 1

Darth Bridal

When a guy’s marriage broke up his wife left behind her wedding dress. He asked her what he was supposed to do with it. Her response is not printable here.

After considering the situation, he decided to turn the dress into something useful, including a pasta strainer, dental floss and about 98 other things. He blogged about it, and included photos, videos and witty commentary at “My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress.”

June 29 - 2 flush right

He wrote, “After my brother, sister-in-law, and parents made some offbeat suggestions for what I should do with the dress at dinner one night I decided to see exactly what it was capable of. We made a list and started putting the dress to work. I eventually decided to share my pictures on a blog and with the help of suggestions from visitors here I have used my ex-wife’s wedding dress in over 120 different ways. … This dress is unbelievable and probably is capably of carrying out many more applications. My marriage didn’t last forever but this dress just might.”

That’s not the end of it. Kevin Cotter’s popular blog about making the best of a bad situation has now been published as a paperback titled “101 Uses for My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress.”

You can read a free chapter here.

Smart Men

Men: If you want to live a long and happy life, these are the things you don’t say to your wife!

Kiss the girl

This video was viewed 51,214,471 times (as of this writing). Why? The guy caught on a stadium “kiss cam” is revealed to be the epitome of a self-centered mega-loser who eventually gets his *** booed and laughed at by thousands of fans at the game and viewers watching the scene on national television.

His humiliation lives on. Posted again on YouTube last January, its been viewed thousands more times. Here’s the posted explanation:

“A couple of Celtics fans were caught in a hilarious argument at the United Center in Chicago Saturday night. The fight seems to start when he won’t get off his phone to kiss his lady, even as the camera closes in on him. Benny the Bull saves the day, picking up the lady in his arms and taking her away.”

The President’s Tree

Imagine a tree so huge that to stand beside it is to be dwarfed.

“The President” is giant sequoia that stands 247 feet tall and is estimated to be over 3,200 years old. “Imagine, this tree was already 1200 years old when Jesus walked the earth,” according to http://www.forestry.co.za/3200-year-old-tree/

Speaking of forests …

June 29 - 3

Are you a free spirit? Would you like to be? Free spirit spheres are for those who like to hang out in the woods and sway with the breeze. “Handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope,” according to the Free Spirit Spheres website.

Buzzfeed picked up the story, reporting, “Somewhere in Vancouver, Canada, there are unusual dwelling in the trees that look like something out of a fantasy novel. They’re called Free Spirit Spheres, and they’re set up in the tallest trees of the west coast.” The Free Spirit Spheres are just what they look like: Tricked out round treehouses for adults. They’re suspended from the trees like rope, and they would make an awesome hideout for people who want to vacation a little differently from the norm.”

June 29 - 4

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Logos. What’s in a logo? Think you know what those golden arches suggest? Maybe. Maybe not.

Black and white

This dance troupe wore black and white costumes that gave their Rockettes-style routine a hilarious and optically unusual effect.

And while looking at at, I came across this series of optical illusions that will amuse and amaze!

No surprise

Seen on Twitter …

“… its like they knew beforehand the decision would go their way. weird” tweeted a responder to spy thriller author Brad Thor’s tweet.

Thor noticed something unusual about Obama’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage:

June 29 - 5

In response to the White House’s celebration of “gay marriage,” the “1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama” posted this:

June 29 - 6

Facebooker Bettina Viviano reacted with her own photoshop. “Well this would make lib heads explode!”

June 29 - 7

Speed cleaning

Wouldn’t you love to have this crew cleaning your home?Lifebuzz reports, “The Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo is known for a few things. One, it’s incredibly fast, getting up to speeds of about 200 mph. Two, it’s always packed, especially during rush hours and holidays, when hundreds of thousands of people step off and on to it. Three, it’s always so clean that you could probably eat off of the floor – but with that much traffic and activity, how does it get that way?” Turns out, the cleanliness of the Shinkansen trains is all thanks to the TESSEI cleaning crew, who do all the work of cleaning the train in seven minutes or less.”