1. I was in a VC with a guy who believed in the Mandela Effect amd kept going on about how CERN has a quantum device and every once in a while they pull it and we get warped to a different universe.
    Or you know, you just keep misremembering shit. Seems like the more plausible scenario.

  2. A Jew that doesn't like conspiracy theories. Isn't that just ass backwards? Enjoy getting subverted- I MEAN… laughing at silly tin foil hat wearing weirdos teehee

  3. The shit about the weather is true in a sort of way it comes from cloud seeding which is not very advanced but in certain places of the world they do this to cause rain and also it has been made illegal by the united nations for war its probably people finding out about that and then taking it too far.

  4. The funny part is that the government does actually have some LIMITED ability to manipulate the weather. Google “cloud seeding” and you can see a number of actual laws and treaties regarding the use of this tech.

    Conspiracy theories VASTLY exaggerate the limits of what our weather manipulating abilities are though. Half of the reason we rarely use cloud seeding, is because its long term effects are often extremely unpredictable. Changing the rainfall in one part of the world has a domino effect on the rest of the world and we can barely predict the weather 7 days in advance without fucking with it. Thats the problem with most conspiracy theories. They often assume the government (or perpetrators of the conspiracy) are way more competent than any human run organization could realistically be.

  5. 8:56 Dan says he loves a good conspiracy theory but the title of the video says Danny hates conspiracy theories. I don't know which is true or which to trust.

  6. There is one conspiracy theory I believe in. It’s that Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space, only the first man to survive it. And that the Soviet Government has had several successful attempts prior but would not make them public as it would hurt their reputation seeing as they died.

    Would it at all shock you if the Soviet government tried to hide killing people?

  7. The only conspiracy theory that i believe is that the arcade game that gave people headaches and sometimes kill people, only because theres substantial evidence like newspapers and eyewitnesses. I dont believe that the government used it to train or make super soldiers which is another part of the theory

  8. Technicly you can change the weather with some effort but you can't exactly control it. Also i will never understand flat earthers, i mean what is even the end goal of lying about the earth's shape? What would they even gain from that?

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