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In this WrestleTalk News, Daniel Bryan’s shockingly honest comments about how he disagrees with WWE’s decision not to clear him to wrestle, thus forcing him …




  1. Jericho is not 6 ft he is 5'9 Owens is about 5'10 that's what wrestling insider listed him wwe give fake heights of people

  2. with comments like that from Bryan, I'm feeling he will wrestle again even if it's not in WWE. He looks unhappy on Smackdown and then makes fun of the show afterwards on the Talking Smack after show.

  3. People should keep in mind that Daniel was a deadheart fan of wrestling and would go to the limit and behind to wrestle. WWE knew he would comeback and push it to the limit and didn't want te liability and the bad press of Daniel fucked up and injured himself on live TV. plus does anyone remember what Benoit did and how it was link to concussions. the WWE and concussions have a bad rep and they are trying to clean it up. in regards to lesner. he's a muscle dummy who's a big draw and most people don't know his history and frankly don't care.

  4. My thoughts on Daniel Bryan retiring. I'm still heartbroken. He was THE guy. The whole crowd was behind him. He should've had a year run with that belt, because he deserved it. Hell, we deserved it too.

  5. With Brock, if he has serious issues down the line the WWE will just blame it on the UFC since they are taking big shots to the head regularly. WWE doesn't have a real scapegoat if Daniel Bryan ends up with serious brain issues down the line. WWE is only worried about lawsuits and covering their asses. They aren't holding DA out because they genuinely care about his well-being.

  6. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this but I'll say it anyway.

    Bryan was a small intense guy that liked a diving headbutt, suicide dive and a submission that involved grounding an opponent and pulling back on their head/neck. He won and lost the belt on the same night thanks to the boss. Commentary team would constantly refer to him by a tag line about his appearance (flying goat). He got his Wrestlemania main event by overcoming authority and went on to win the title by submission in a triple threat against 2 former team mates. He also had a history of concussions…

    If you tell that story with Foley stripping him of the belt and restarting the match, "toothless aggression" as the tag line, Paul Heyman as the authority figure and HHH and HBK as the former team mates… that remind you of anyone?

    Always thought Vince did this deliberately and wouldn't be surprised if he thought didn't want to tempt fate. He is a crazy old fucker…

  7. retiring was the smartest thing to do, it was hard to heard Daniel Bryan getting surgery after surgery after surger over and over and over and over again

  8. Like every media they never report the full comments just take what they want & guck up what the wrestler was trying to say plus they add their own bits to make it better as well & it ends up bullshit what Daniel was trying to say like wrestlers agree with is they don't agree with the concussion stopping them from wrestling but it's for there own safety as well as everyone else's so wrestling dosnt have another Chris Benoit so WWE are right

  9. Isn't Dean like 6'4 though? Why would they have Phillps look so much shorter than he already is? Let the man stand properly! It could be bad for his legs later on.

  10. Bryan will wrestle again, maybe not for WWE, but he will return to the ring. He was pulled in his prime, and his comments show that his heart is still in that ring. He's second guessing the WWE's decision… he's going to wrestle somewhere again.

  11. honestly back when he retired I was thinking it was either a shoot or wwe faked something so they can get rid of dB since he was the people's champ & wwe wanted 2 push reigns so they did it so they don't get the bad reactions they were getting b4 when every1 wanted 2 Daniel 2 be champ but wwe want reigns

  12. Daniel Bryan's popularity was interfering with Vince's new project golden boy "Roman Reigns". They needed to rake Daniel off the scene to make room. it was completely biased

  13. See you in NJPW when your contract is up Bryan Danielson.

    NOTE: I am in no way saying if I think him working in Japan is a good idea (because I am neither a friend of his or a concussion specialist), I just see NJPW as his future the second his contract is up, and have since his retirement speech.

  14. So why doesn't Daniel Bryan just sign with one of the other promotions if it was just WWE making him retire so they could be seen as caring about the welfare of their performers? More to the point, why the hell does he still have anything to do with them at all? Dude should've just signed with NJPW or something. I mean, they took his life's purpose away just so they could look good. Why did he agree to work with them again?

  15. Maybe Daniel Bryan should try the top concussion specialists in the world for the definitive answer once and for all

  16. Daniel Bryan will return to wrestling. The whole thing is a mastermind plot which should get an 11 on a scale of 1-10!
    He will return to take the intercontinental belt away from the Miz — by the way great job by Miz and Daniel — also, congratulations to the Miz on retaining belt from Apolo Creed — Crews — he can use that like Ali used "…What's my name…"
    Daniel will waive medical clearance; Brie can play over-concerned wife from hell —
    There is so much to work from with this angle that WWE will employ me to write the script
    ***Added comment: if WWE doesn't do a Chris Jericho vs the Beast their writers should be fired immediately! Stoopid Idiots!
    I'm available for hire as a writer Btw

  17. Well, Brock can wrestle… Daniel sucks! he needs to stay retired. hopefully, he never makes HOF status. except as the worst champion ever.

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