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  1. U know that for the GURL who asks u if your beautiful u have to say so so and that will get her confused so u have like what 4min or less to run away lmao

  2. what if instead of answering the question that lady with the spilt mouth asks what if you ask her do you think you are beautiful… I wander what she would do haha …. prolly just kill me cuz I didn't answer her (non of this makes sense) im sorry haha

  3. The medical lady and bunny man are 2 costumes for a amusement park close to Halloween. The lady has a medical mask but also has a child in a wheel chair. The bunny man just walks around and waves to you.

  4. I was sitting in my bed and when I clicked on the video I went under my blanket because I feel safer under it XD

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