CREEPY MEXICAN CONSPIRACY THEORIES YOU WISH YOU NEVER HEARD OF… if you’re going to Mexico for summer vacation, good luck hahahaha ps: …




  1. Definitely gonna be on the lookout for 50 tiny Mexicans coming at me now! And fleeing Mexico? Boiiiii, you have the craziest stories!

  2. I've heard stories similar to the second one you mentioned! Not just from my family, but also other friend's families. There's shape shifters in rural areas of Southern Mexico that drink animal blood. Thinking about all these gives me chills ?

  3. i was born in mexico and still consider my self mexican even after living in the u.s for 7 years now(im 13) and i just started thonk about all the theorys that are going on about the u.s and how their trying to kill us off poison us brain wash us control us so i look up mexican government conspiracy theorys but all that comes up are folk tales and u.s theorys and THEM trying to overpower places like mexico so….. the point im trying to make by saying this is that the u.s is really fucked up and im just sick and frustrated about having to think if this is going to affect the population in a bad way. im litterly terrified of something happening to me and if all of that is true. and its just really nice to know that some other placed arent as fucked up and still have somesort of sane state in their mind? and not trying to do bad things (if your going to argue with me and say its not real or im stupid for believing in this and that this is not a good video to talk about it in, i know. i just needed to get all of this off my chest ?

  4. dude… that one about the chick who's kids got swept away with the current
    that freakin sucks
    she must have been so freakin pissed off

    Btw; your hair looks good literally all of the time

  5. Yo no lie when I was like 6 years old (I'm 18 now) I went to Mexico to visit my grandma and she lived right next to a river where people claimed to have seen witches and "la llorona" and all kinds of creepy shit and at night right before I would go to sleep I would hear noises like a drum being played slowly and other noises coming from the river bank and it was so fucking scary

  6. My cousins used to tell me that the house around the corner of my grandparents house was la lloronas house and my little child self would run past the house on the other side of the dirt road. I was noooot about to be kidnapped ! Btw I love your personality! And I feel you, my mom still takes me to the doctors and I'm 20 whoops ??‍♀

  7. The first one is kinda wrong I think my mom told me an different version that the mom drowned her children I forgot why and when ever a person to comes to a river you see her ghost crying for her children that she misses idk that's the version that my mom told me but the taking away your kids is right

  8. These stories are sooo creepy! Almost hard to believe, but I keep an open mind. But oooooh I really want to know all that went down in Mexico with you and your dad. Sounds interesting, sounds wild!

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