Crazy New Black Panther Conspiracy on Zimmerman Case

“Fox News guest J. Christian Adams, a right-wing blogger and author who previously worked for the Department of Justice and contributes to Pajamas Media …




  1. I have seen Sharpton standing on stage with the black panthers during the TM demos put on by the DOJ and Obama has sharpton over tfor advice all the time yet wont deal with the white congress

  2. George Zimmerman, as a Jewish-Latino hybrid, is the poster boy for the multicultural, Utopian paradise that is promoted by the left. I don't understand why libs don't embrace this card carrying democrat as one of their own. 

  3. You forgot George Soros, and all of the union money that outspends the Republicans every election. Just look up the top 20 political donors list and who the majority of the donations go to, come on baby Turk. Your media Matters propoganda is making you look really stupid.

  4. Why are you so dead bent on George Zimmerman being guilty of some racist hate crime? Did you never ever consider for one small moment that maybe it really was self defense? All of the evidence seems to support that.  Just because the first news release about it gave misleading information, and you bought into it so much that you just can't consider for one millisecond that maybe you should not base your opinion on a misleading news report meant to generate views by exploiting the emotions of people like you?

  5. so you say that the new black panther party has the least amount of power in american politics. that may be so but they have a huge influence on black Americans who are inclined or might already be racist against Americans of other races. I think they spread hatred and fear. Ignorance and Predudice and Fear…walk hand in hand. That's what destroys. But some people like destruction.

  6. Come, the poor child was out going to the shops – you can't go to the shops now and you get shot… Fat asses Zimmerman, stalked that kid – he was looking for trouble.

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