this will make your skin crawl…. **I DO NOT OWN ANY CONTENT USED IN THIS VIDEO** Business: turnthepaigebusiness@gmail.com =========== FIND ME …




  1. Someone's jealous of shane… and FYI people did believe in the illuminati WAY before shane started the conspiracy theories, i mean please get your facts right xD

  2. are you being serious? conspiracy theories have been around forever but i mean i cant blame you, you did warn us that you aren't creative at the beginning

  3. People need to watch to the end. This entire video was a spoof on conspiracy theories. If you got sucked in then you should be ashamed. This shows how good she really is.

  4. if I had to believe that Shane was apart of the illuminati I would all his conspiracy theory videos he wears the same shirt and it litterally has illuminati signs all over it

  5. I'm vegan….. the only reason is coz I hate the thought of taking animals lives and the things they produce. I don't think I'm an alien but I wouldn't know for sure.

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