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  1. I know aliens exist, but why does everyone think that they look like humans!? They can look like tiny elephants! They can look like worms and be smarter than us! They alll don't look like humans. Also they can be a lot dumber! Who knows!

  2. them ones where u just take everything she said and write it down for your homework debating if Aliens are real .

  3. Honestly I love her. She puts in so much effort and I've been subscribed to her foreveeeer. I wish she was not just a like substitute on this channel.

  4. Also, I saw a documentary and if you work there in any area, you park in a special parking lot and take specific buses to area 51 and everyone has an ID around their neck. Even a person who got in a jet to fly around saw a bright light & another jet flyer got into his and saw the same thing & then it zoomed off in a very fast way. You will get shot just trying to get into area 51.

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