CRAZIEST Conspiracy Theories Involving Aliens

From stories we’ve all heard to things that sound so off the wall, they couldn’t possibly be true. Or could they? Here are the Craziest Conspiracy Theories Involving Aliens. Do you think…




  1. The aliens are going to hold money hostage for your cum when theyre the ones that started the economic system. Money is worthless to them, thats like making a chimp rich with bananas. They owe us a world system without money to engage with aliens on a level that is free and without economic slavery of an alien design. The aliens have made war with us all for the conditioning of DNA and immune systems, fluids that they plan to take from us to further their generations while having oppressed yours.

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  3. The moon is basically hollow. The surface of the moon is harder than the inside and there is no core.and was 'parked' there by someone or something. We do not go back to the moon because we were told not to by otherwordly beings.

  4. We dont have any solid proof that can define the existence of an alien… What do you think do the scientist and military defense organaizations are hiding us about the fact of their (aliens) existence???.

  5. There was a huge UFO flap in 1968 and I recall there were dozens of paperback books on UFO's often repeating the same stories. I probably read all of them and was convinced that it would be anytime then the government would confirm the existence of UFO's. It never happened. And I don't recall ever reading anything about Roswell. That only came up in the 90's. Yet it's reported now like it's been known for the last 70 years.
    Demi Moore was born and grew up in Roswell and said she never heard about the UFO story.
    How do you explain that?

  6. Those Black Knight photos could just be a thin metal shroud cast off from a piece of space hardware. I think there could be a Black Knight satellite but this isn't it.

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