Crafting The Conspiracy – Dimension Door (Official Music Video) [2019]

Single: Crafting The Conspiracy – Dimension Door Album: Crafting The Conspiracy – The Cosmic Key out March 9th, 2019 (ft. Shadow Of Intent & Enterprise …




  1. This is borderline plagiarism. It sounds like every deathcore band that ripped off The Black Dahlia Murder in the late 2000's. Some of these riffs are straight up copy and paste material of that era. It's astounding.

  2. I've listened to almost every modern deathcore band under the sun. But these talented guys clearly have a lot of passion for the genre. And therefore, are my favorite deathcore band, currently.

  3. OMG, can't stop listening your album! Thank you guys for this work. I'm starting to forget how should sound true metall band, but your album regain my memory 🙂

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