1. Everyone knows the popular song by Camilla Calebo (sorry for spelling if wrong) Havana saying “he got me goin’ like” but she actually said “he got me feelin’ like” anyone else experienced this?

  2. I bought sex IN THE city perfume for my friend for Christmas, and my friend said it's and And I found this whilst trying to prove her wrong and were so creeped out! And yes Avril is dead 😂

  3. As a curious George fan buddy I gotta say I don’t remember him having a tail

    Like my mom doesn’t either and I used to heavily watch this show

  4. The pin the tail on Curious George isnt something the makers of the show released as a product its 100% something mexicans like me and my family bought from the 99 cent store that sold bootleg toys 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I have an CD about cartoon 'Curios George' and i watched him again and he have a tail! OMG that is sooo weird!…
    No comment.

  6. Okay. When I was little, I specifically remember when I noticed the commercials no longer said Jiffy and started saying Jif and I was really confused. Also, I remember a song (that i don;t know the name of or who sang it) being sung by both a chick and a guy, but then one day I heard it on the radio and it was just the girl. I asked both of my parents about it and they both said it had always been sung by a girl. So there you go.

  7. The Sex In The City perfume has no connection to the Sex And The City show. It's a perfume company trying to piggyback on a popular brand.

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