Conspiracy Theory – GGN News S. 1 Ep. 4

Check out episode 4 from the Double G News Network, starring Nemo Hoes and the Bishop Don Magic Juan discussing the moon landing. Look out for new …




  1. Snoops life
    10o clock waking up surrounded by girls
    11o clock till 9 after midnight hanging out with girls talking about shit and beieng high
    I'm fuckin jealous

  2. it wasn't a nigga that they stole idea from, it was stolen from a nazi. sorry, but its the sick truth…and chinese built the rail roads. you didn't do everything, BUT IT DOESN"T MEAN YOU DID EVERYTHING! i hate the all or nothing attitude that people have with their racial achievements White, Black what ever.

  3. We always get those goddamn assholes coming around with an empty gas can claiming their family's stranded in the car. The thing is you walk with them down to the gas station, you offer to go with them to put the gas in their car, they start coming up with excuses why they can't find their car now.

  4. If I was snoop, I would make Magic keep his own blunts AT ALL TIMES…I'm not hitting no blunt after a nigga who insist on puffing it through his nose…I'm str8

  5. I'm high af.. but the blunt is not actually going In his nose lol but still man when I first saw that was like Damn..but when. you figure off the lil trick it's kinda tight lol

  6. took him out the seat,switched seats(Church)An Snoop said,he had on little shoes,lol,Magic,he had a black gurl,a black gurl,Who would of knew,you can talk shit an have a show,Dam

  7. It look like snoop was get annoyed when Bishop was just holdin the blunt and talkin. I've been in that boat before, like "either smoke that or pass it". He even says at the end "we need to roll up some more weed" lol.

  8. Folks use to be happy with all the opium they ate and fucked a lot with the coco leaves. Beautiful! Gods chosen people got the best plants

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