Conspiracy theorists claim CERN has unleashed ‘hell on Earth’ in its latest antimatter experiment

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  1. does your water taste sweet is a metaphor…..they ask because…..soon we will not Have any. The Cern has a theory that we ALL died in 2012 and are living in an echo. The old saying goes….that which starts bitter ends Sweet….that which starts Sweet ends bitter. Cern is what is responsible for the Mandela effect. but there is SOOO much more to it. lf l could say……without recourse l would….

  2. my water smells like bleach but i cant say the tast is any diffrent. Scottish water usually tasts good. but my daughter has said the school water tasts funny. and now come to think of it why do they now let kids drink water in class. i wasnt aloud to in schooln

  3. Dark energy also known as anti matter was created by the reptilians when they fractalized fractals of the demiurge to create this reality matrix. Dark energy,anti matter is a byproduct of creating matter by fractalising spiritual awareness fractals belonging to the demiurge which the Reptilians used to create reality through intent, the original demiurge created 7 rulers to administer to it, but they overthrew it and created reality in their image.

  4. there is more then enough to back up christian truths claims and if you are sighting cern studies as the legit story i cant take anything you say seriously

  5. wait, if this is all conspiracy fiction like it says in the description, then how are the storeis like "mel's hole" about the man named mel waters fiction if multiple news stations' stories have covered it and shown pictures and video of the hole, and also many people have been interviewd regarding the hole, etc.

  6. feels like the witch trials everything is demons devils and hell lmao the attitude of "I don't understand it it's must be the devil" is ridiculous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. in 1994 while in India on a pilgrimage I had a vision of Shiva waking up. I went up the 12 mile walk to the temple. when I returned to my room. I fell asleep but woke up in front of an old temple. Great horns lined up in the shape of a bed. They blew all at once. Ancient sounding blared old India. Suddenly I was in cave and Shiva appeared in front of me. He said. I will make the Guru's fly, and IT'S MY POWER. I will start my dance soon. Its by my power they will fly. I woke up and kept in to myself. I see now what he meant.

  8. Caution to viewers to this channel: beware of those who site universities , mainstream researchers, etc. It is known the 1% have bought out anyone they can to discredit those who do not follow their views and keep the public asleep and controlled. Science sold out long ago and that is why people believe they evolved from apes or were altered in a lab somewhere in the past. Find the truth for yourselves and build on it.

  9. so theiy post a video about a fake articel claiming bullshit createt by a stupid christian(wich is not to say christians are stupid just that this one in particular is) and then theiy call it a conspiracy and post it on theiy Channel to get views,despite the Channel suposendly wanting to expose true evil, Truly this channel seems to be full of shit.

  10. Henry David Thoreau was correct when, in his book β€œWalden” that. β€œThe mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I have come to the conclusion that most You Tubers who believe in all those hoaxes and conspiracies are, indeed, leading lives of quiet desperation, and see You Tube as a way of mitigating that; by vigorous trolling, pretending they are doing something important…in their otherwise sadly pathetic, meaningless lives.

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