Much love guys.. LIKE for a part 2? I hope you all are thinking outside the box. UFO Crash Landing: 54°39’44.62″S 36°11’42.47″W Instagram …




  1. My area there’s an empty Walmart and just down the street they built a new one I wonder why they still have the old one just sitting there 🤔

  2. what are they hiding?? You dont close it down for nothing. Its empty for a reason. Where did they put all that stuff??? Are they using it in the back and not tell us. what experiment are they doing or are they testing us? It makes you thing about everything.

  3. Just a question about the fast walkers ufo's…

    Do y'all think that all those instances were recorded on drones?
    If so do you think it could be a drone recording malfunction,
    especially since this is still considered "new technology" ?

  4. Let’s be honest with the Patriot Act law in place the government is watching us online & our cell phones. Plus we don’t have Net Neutrality anymore. As long as you obey the law you should be fine. It is an invasion of privacy though., but it’s in the name of National Security. As far as unidentifiable objects it could be the military testing weapons or something totally harmless .

  5. Chris and queen lived in Houston during the hurricane and they were driving to a airport a couple hours away and they saw the same FEMA people busting major pipes causing more water to rush out

  6. Omg there is a closed walmart in Kenosha,WI and it has been closed here for at least 15 years and they haven't changed the building at all and they have the security cameras everywhere!

  7. OMFG there’s a sam’s club closed next to my Walmart that hasn’t change for 3 in a half years now I’m fucking scared 😟

  8. Oh my god I just realized a Walmart by my house that was around where it looked on the map in Colorado just randomly closed and just sits there now next you a bunch of other businesses

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