Conspiracy THEORIES Turned Conspiracy FACTS that Change Everything (2017)

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  1. Truth be known we are in the Last Days Generation! Whether you like it,or believe it ,OR NOT,our days are numbered,and the number is in the double digits!! Just watch how all this next few months play out! I just hope that the people that have common sense see this and are not blinded by skepticism! Keep your Loved ones close and show them you love them by being there and prepared! MAY our Holy Heavenly Father watch over and Bless You All!!!🤔🙏🙌🙏

  2. Even if this is part of the deep state's plan, judgment begins in the house of God. The beginning has already started and judgment will not end in the house of God. God is in control.

  3. Dear Reallygraceful: Love your feeds and choice of topics! You shine light on murky or ignored issues. But, may I respectfully ask you study and improve your delivery? I find that your cadence, intonation, and pitch changes are often difficult to listen to. The effectiveness of your feeds would be immeasurably enhanced, I think.

  4. I'm just sick of the word 'conspiracy' being followed by 'theory' or 'theorist'…it's like most average schleps think it's one word or something…ugh

  5. Jack Bernstein wrote a book called The Life of an American Jew in racist Marxist Israel and he died under mysterious circumstances shortly after his book was published.

  6. 99% of conspiracy theories are conspiracy facts.Calling any thing a conspiracy theory is the satanic denile to draw the attention away from the real criminals.And people fall for that crap all the time instead of looking at the conspiracy facts brain washing terms to hide the truth

  7. These Jews are sacrifices, to bring about automatic conviction upon complaint that will be directed specifically at white males! In the minds of Jews a worthy enterprise!

  8. This gal is sharp! Awoken, and about to darken her life in a way that will make the money not worth it! Do it for awhile then move to the country where sanity still hangs on!

  9. The reason AIPAC doesn't have to register is because of a small technicality. It's not a Political Action Committee (PAC) it's Public Affairs Committee. Even though they do lobby they aren't an official PAC.

  10. (1) The fact that some film producers, directors and actors are guilty of sexual assault is not indicative of a conspiracy. (2) We have not learned that Hitler survived the bunker in 1945. We have only learned that when the FBI gets tips, it investigates them. A document indicative that the FBI investigated a tip that Hitler lived in South America does not in itself prove that he did (3) There is no 10 year statute of limitation on the prosecution of war criminals. Adolf Eichmann was prosecuted 17 years after the end of the war and within the last few years men in their 90s are still being arrested and prosecuted 60+ years after the war. (4) You are free as an American to work to persuade Congress that Slovenia or Liechtenstein or Trinidad-Tobago deserves U.S. assistance. It is not illegal for AIPAC to do for Israel what you could do for Slovenia if you chose to do so. (5) You have a basic misunderstanding of the term "conspiracy". It does not simply mean people associating together for a common purpose. If so, then all corporations and churches would be conspiracies. A "conspiracy" is when people associate together to do something illegal. You can convene a gang to plot to lobby against Israel, or Slovenia, and that would not be a conspiracy. (6) John and Tony Podesta, as of 2017, are at the head of the Government? Really? Just how did they get by running the government after Trump took office? Was Trump part of the Podesta "conspiracy"? (7) Finally, you need to check up on what "evidence", "facts" and "proof" are. You are very weak on the argument there and instead proceed on the basis of innuendo and various logical fallacies to conclude conspiracies exist. For example, it appears that you contend that since Hillary Clinton mentioned Seth Rich in a book or article, and that he worked for the Clinton campaign that it then follows that Hillary (or the Podestas )killed the young fellow. That's just nothing like logic. Sherlock Holmes would not award you a Junior Detective badge for that one. Just so you know, the Metro Police in Washington DC, you know the guys and gals trained to investigate crimes did investigate the Seth Rich death and determined that it was a mugging gone bad. No evidence of conspiracy. I know, I know, they're all in on it, huh? Well, that's when we have to return to the idea of evidence. There is no evidence that the Metro Police, the Clinton campaign, the D.C. city government and so forth are all in a conspiracy to cover up the Seth Rich death. Following the Bunny Rabbit down the hole does not lead to Truth, it eventually leads to a Mad Hatter, a Cheshire cat and a Crazy Queen of Hearts — no conspiracy.

  11. LIKE the Gay Marriage issue all the child sex trafficking and the rest of the Hollywood Implosion is the breakout of the New Marketing of New WORLD Order.
    Thank you for bringing out the disgusting shell game of blame between US/Israeli MILITARY MURDERING MONSTERS.

  12. THIS is among your best work. So full of amazing research and facts that any truth activist can only hope you are well protected and Texas is proud of another bigly success.

  13. Language is what controls people. Together with the attached meaning to those words, it becomes powerful. A spell cast.

    Certain words will conjur up feelings or block your mind and soul from speaking or saying things.

    I am sure any one of us can name a word that'll conjur up feelings and reactions that were not YOURS to begin with. It is programming.

    the use of words, I underestimated it, but it is powerful. by "words" I mean the meaning and loaded message contained in that word. it brings up feelings and reaction (programming) that is not how you would react. You are a person. You have your own mind. why sing with the crazy chorus?

    Question this post. I like it. I would never want to censor another. thats the way to show respect to another person regardless of what they say or who they are. You might learn something and understand their position better. This, unfortunately, is not what is happening in "free" societies today.

    anyway, I digress. the words used can control you. Anyone reading can mention words that controls Hint: they get mentioned repetitively and reinforced through media with action in your mind, daily, with media.

    my solution: question. think. don't believe what is straight out being told what you should believe. etc (critical thinking, not paranoia)
    As an example: just like me, im sure many have seen these type of headlines "x Things you need to know"
    "x Things you didn't know"
    "x Things you missed"
    "x Things you need to be concerned about"
    "x Things you are doing wrong"

    you get the picture. You will find a lot them and mostlikely have and clicked and read. I have to.

    but, who the hell is dictating these things? telling you what to think, know, act on etc it is not journalism. that died a long time ago.

    Always be aware. Protect yourself from the mindviruses that is being spread, please. it has gone way too far actually to the point a lot of people don't realise it.

    It is does influence you and how you engage life. Again, it is not you. Take back your Godgiven power of thinking.

    while some don't believe, the last sentence has significance for me: God gave the power and freewill for everyone to choose Good or Evil. You have a choice with Him. It is allowed. Freedom to choose. Free to be. You just have to willing to face the consequences and responsibilities of your choices. Otherwise, Free to do what you want.

    In this world? nah. Choices, human individuality, thought, ability to speak your mind etc must be blocked if it doesn't fit the agenda.
    No "conspiracy theory", you feel and know it. Freedom no longer exists.

  14. Thank you for your due diligence for Truth/Fact.
    The US is riddled in conspiracy because it is ruled by several nafarios groups.
    I have Never been a political until 2016. I'm a lawful resident since 1972. I didn't complete my application for citizenship in the early 90's where upon filing my final paperwork and writing a check for almost $500 (That was a shitload of money for me at the time) I overheard a clerk at the next window request $80 from a Latino gentlemen. I understand some Spanish and this was the amount for his family of 5!
    I questioned this and was told that the Amnesty program allowed illegal immigrants to apply and receive citizenship for a reduced fee.
    I lost it right there in the then INS office. Ripped up my check and All responding document (which also cost lots of money to process) and tossed them in the air exclaiming "this is what I Now think about becoming a citizen of this county. My family Legally immigrated and we have to pay outrageous money and jump through hoops! Followed by some expressive language further indicating my frustration of the system. But I digress.
    I have been traveling for past 3yrs within central and South America. When I saw Trump was running for president, I thought it was some Facebook prank.
    I was also becoming aware of More of the Clintons alleged criminal activities. Wow…
    The rest as we say is history and look at POTUS go!
    He has literally turned the world on its head! People are waking up a bit faster. (In large part because of folks like you)
    Criminals are beginning to fall and maybe, just maybe, we Will see some real justice served up to the tyranous individuals and groups.
    Lots of work still to undergo.
    Indictments, resignations etc.
    I'm feeling like I may be able to afford to live there again.
    Had to finally apply for my disability 8yrs back (spinal cord injury) after decades of struggle to walk. I would be homeless if in usa. Oh yes. Government housing is available and I did live in a housing project in Hawaii. Never again. I'm not that desperate to have even more civil and human rights stripped from me. They don't call it Housing Authority for nothing.
    Yes! USA has many great attributes. Government, education and medical institutions aren't part of those.
    Thanx again for doing what You do.

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