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  1. How come every topic you switch to,on that white screen with black letters,your voice is so low,and creepy,and toneless!!!? but I loved your video❤?

  2. What's weird is I watched a documentary on the brain and memories. A man completely blew my mind that he discovered the way to erase minds. He found some way to do it and actually admitted that it scared him. He was afraid that it would be used for the wrong reasons.

  3. You should do a video on the Nunnery in Logan Utah! it's a really weird place where nuns were drowning children in a pool and it is supposed to be really haunted. My mom even went there and said she saw some really creepy things!

  4. The men in the Tuskegee Study weren't actually told that they even had syphilis in the first place. At the start the US Health Service put flyers up that said they could cure all of your "bad blood" ( a term for when you were sick, its the 1930s idk). The men were tested and thats when the government found out who had it and who didn't but they still did not tell the men. They treated their "bad blood" with placebo pills. The original "plan" was only supposed to take place for 6 months but it ended up taking place for 40 years. I believe they only documented the effects into the 1950's, they just literally did not tell the men that they had a disease that they were transferring to their wives and ultimately their children for some reason? When the cure for syphilis was found in 1947 (I believe thats the year) and the government issued something to basically say everyone come get tested and we will treat you for free, one of the men from the study saw it and was just doing what the government said but when word got back to the scientists in charge of the study they stopped the man from even going to get tested basically telling him that he was being tested and everything was taken care of for him. The government didn't even apologize until the late 1990's when most of the men at that point were dead and their families were as well. They were giving them placebo pills the entire time and in 1972 it only came out then because one of the people running it felt bad and leaked the story to the news…. 40 years later thanks man. Super duper fucked up but I love how you brought this up because it's not in history books at all and it was one of the most disgusting, racist, and inhumane things that has ever been committed. Sorry for the long rant I just get so heated but I love you and your videos oh my god I can't believe I typed all of that.

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