Conspiracy Theories That Might Be True!

Watch this video to find out which conspiracy theories just might be true! Did we really land on the moon? Do we really need water fluoridation? Find out here!




  1. Xylitol remineralizes cavities. My cavities stopped hurting after using xylitol for a few months. Yet, when I told a dental hygienist about xylitol remineralizing cavities, she said that the only thing that remineralizes cavities is fluoride.

  2. secret service was seen walking away from JFKs vehicle right before shots rang out. Federal Reserve shareholders in my opinion. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are major suspects.

  3. #2 has to be true. People are more retarded than ever and believe in everything they see on TV. People no longer think divergently or independently. In essence people today are like sheep.

  4. You know how people say the moon landing was fake because the flag looked like it was being blown…..WELL WHERES THERE AIR COMING FROM IF THEY WHERE INSIDE

  5. You are a complete ass clown and your inability to get anything correct given the ease of attaining information in todays world is simply staggering. Go back to the 6th grade and listen to your teacher this time you fucking moron

  6. I know which conspiracy that IS TRUE is being deleted al the time in comment section!
    This will probably go deleted also in fear of sparking such (rightfull) conclussion! LOL

  7. #4 The people who believe this one don't understand the culture of those people, nor the historical context.
    LBJ was very unpopular. He pretty much destroyed any chance for a democrat to win. Then Nixon destroyed any chance the Republicans to win in 76… Pretty familiar pattern for the next 40 years or so.

  8. Alright I'm sick of seeing it everywhere so I'm gonna disprove it here

    1.The entire reason that America wanted to reach the moon was because they were intimidated by Russia's satellite, after America announced their space program the USSR was watching the us like Hawks so if it was faked, Russian spies would have exposed it.

    2. Let's say that it was faked, then they had to have made a fake space ship and when creating a video do you seriously think that a Government that was so determined to fake the moon landing would have been idiotic enough to make mistakes as simple as lighting and wind effects.

    3. Now let's say that we COULD have gone to the moon but we faked it to save money, as some theorists believe, now think about this what's more expensive
    To pay for the NASA moon landing operation
    To pay an entire film crew for the duration of a shoot to make a fake rocket and to swear everyone involved to silence for the rest of their life

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