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  1. Who wants to here my wierd concept I always found it unusual that we devoloped so many different langauges but I always wonderd in the time period we devolped them I always wonderd how we connected them when we spoke different languages

  2. that berlin thing is crazy. i was in germany (not berlin tho) with my family a few summers ago at this museum and we ran into this family that we knew back home (in texas) and right when I went back to school, the youngest daughter was in my theatre class and it was just really random bc I personally never really knew her super well before but !

  3. the story about the girl in berlin, just reminded me of all of the weird coincidences that have happened to me. Some people have a lot more all at once and it seems overwhelmingly weird. I moved to LA last year and moved back home to NC in December. My family had planned to go to Florida for Christmas so my first week home, i didn’t see any friends i just went on vacation to WDW and Universal and all that. One day we were in Animal Kingdom and i was posting snaps and my friend Danny from home in NC texted me and asked if I was in Animal Kingdom, turns out he was in a tiki bar about fifty feet away, we were in the same area of the same Disney park at the same time, after I’d been gone for six months. I had a couple other REALLY weird coincidences happen with people showing up where she shouldn’t be, even on the drive home from that trip. Like, I need someone to talk to about these and what they mean. haha.

  4. i literally had to cover my ears when you were talking about A because im watching pretty little lairs rn and i didnt want to take any chances of you spoiling lol so i dont know what you said lmao

  5. TALK ABOUT HOW TAYLOR SWIFT LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE ZEENA LAVEY 😱 AND why she gained all this weight after having her legs insured for over 4 million dollars

  6. A few weeks ago I was in my car and I passed a plane that was just floating in mid air. Not moving or anything. We r 100% in a simulation

  7. One time me and my friend went to this mall an hour away and there was this girl who was very beautiful i compliment women a lot when i feel they deserve one so i told her she looked really pretty . We finished shopping n got in the car n on my Instagram explore page i saw the same girl same outfit same everything turns out she’s a beauty guru.😭 either ig stalks me or it’s a glitch

  8. One day I was leaving out the house. My phone said 7:02 am and i swear 5 minutes passed (ik because the distance from my house to where i was going was only abt 10 minutes) and i looked at my phone and it said "8:36am" im like yoooooo WTF i thought maybe my phone was glitching or something. I called my bestfriend and she confirmed thatbit was 8:36..i was so spooked.

  9. Omg my best friend is always running into people she knows from work/ her high school/ sports she plays. It’s super crazy sometimes my brother and I joke that we should take her to Brazil and she if she will run into someone she knows. She doesn’t know anyone in Brazil.

  10. SIS! I SWEAR I just came crossed something I think is soooo weird, when American idol got renewed for this last season after it got cancelled, I SWORE it got cancelled the year before it was renewed, so we didn't even miss a year of American idol, which is why when it came back so soon, everyone was confused because they said the show was cancelled at the end of 2017. But apparently its been off the air since 2015?? I don't remember that gap of time whatsoever, do you?

  11. I found a new Mandela effect!!!!! Madona now being spelled Madonna with a double n wtf, can someone please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers it being spelled with one n? This had me fucked up, Michelle you have to make a video about it!

  12. Speaking of "what are the odds?!" We live in Virginia and have been to the florida keys to no name pub where you can write on a dollar bill and staple it to the wall…. our neighbor from here in Virginia went to no name pub while on vacation and noticed a bill on the floor under his table and he picked it up and it was OURS! it had our last name on it and the name of our farm. He actually brought it home to show us and then took it back down to the keys and put it back up. Like…what are the odds?!

  13. Hey Michelle, I love you and I’m just a little concerned about you because you seemed on the verge of tears for quite a bit of the video. Just wanted to remind you that’s its ok to take some time out for yourself <3 <3 <3

  14. First of all yes to PLL that is my fav. Second of all I loved your little life speech in the beginning because yes always follow dreams and go to college!

  15. So I subscribed months ago .. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen any of your videos, come to find out that you were taken off of my subscriptions! Wtf? How does this happen?

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