Conspiracy Theories That Are Proven TRUE!

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  1. wait. the US still uses astbestos
    we banned using it. but of course it's still sometimes released in to the air when an old building Burns down.

  2. All national governments do these things. The beauty is that the USA is advanced enough, as a civilization, to record this. Other nations are not able to record institutional processes. These psychological principles were experimented, etc by university psychologists last century.

    Follow-up on other national experiments are needed: Germany (WW1, WW2), Japan, etc. Even here in Australia, we thought that we could civilize the black children, by forced adoption into white families. Again, last century.

  3. operation northwoods was in fact carried out on september 11th 2001 with some slight changes referring to the countries of origin of the "attackers" and some other small details….

  4. JFK's assassination was a false flag designed to start a war with Cuba. Oswald was a supposed Cuban sympathizer handing out leaflets very publicly, starting fights on the streets. Like he said, he was a patsy. Really he was a CIA trained double agent and a highly highly trained marksmen. The idea was Oswald would be fingered as a Cuban assassin, but I dont think they expected he would be captured alive and when he was they sent another CIA operative to kill him before he spilled the beans.

  5. Is it just me or didn't the 8th one get Busted by the Myth busters. They found that the bullet would simply melt before it exited the Barrel of the gun!

  6. Some are true? NO most are true and just haven't been completely made public. Then when one is proven true all the stupid sheeple act like it happened in a vacuum, and don't put the pieces together, if they do it once and are caught, they're doing much more that they aren't caught for. The government is the enemy of the American people and they don't even realize it because they're too fucking stupid and brainwashed.

  7. so will it be that the terrorist attacks happening nowadays is yet another inside job by the CIA??! … Like northwood operations. .. 9/11 …. iraq war …. ISIS !!!

  8. Every last one of these were carried out by white people. One can only wonder what they're doing, right now, that won't be discovered for years.

  9. Any major crime has more than one culprit acting in concert. That, by definition, is a conspiracy. Any speculating about such a crime is a "conspiracy theory".

    Conspiracy theories have a bad rap because people peddle speculation as established fact.

    Consider the opposite, trusting George W. Bush, every word, even though he has been caught lying thousands of times. It is highly improbable his story is true, but that does not give credence to any particular alternative.

  10. You missed OPERATION GLADIO which was basically like Operation Northwoods but really happened. It was yet another set of false flag bombings and murderings of the good 'ol USA/CIA across Europe for decades and, as usual, all blamed on "evil Communists". Oh the Crony Capatilist Banksters…they were/are so desperate to stop Communism – funny considering they're (capitalists) 10x more evil.

  11. I was hoping to see when the CIA under Reagan traded our guns to the Nicaraguan Contras for their cocaine and distributed in poor black communities just to escalate his war on drugs and boost the private prison business.

  12. Absolute power ,corrupts absolutely.I can only imagine what the government does these days.And what we'll never know about.All done with the exscuse of national security.

  13. the german government still poisons industrial alcohol dispite the fact that alcohol is legal here.

    the reason for this is that industrial alcohol is taxed differently from alcohol meant for drinking, whcih makes industrial alcohol a lot cheaper.

  14. Reaching back to ancient Egypt, there's been a single cabal of powerful individuals directing the course of human history. But the common man prefers to believe they don't exist, which aids their success.

  15. America for ya they judge jury executioner what ever happen to a trial by my fellow man just to no if they want to get ya they'll just drone ya

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