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Looking for more tricks to show off? Check out Scam School with Brian Brushwood: http://vid.io/xoE Penn explains the conspiracy theories that he gets entangled …




  1. Well, if Penn believes that there's not a reasonable amount of unanswered questions regarding the near free-fall speed collapses of THREE steel framed skyscrapers on the day that 9/11 occurred, being the first time these types of buildings have ever collapsed in all of world history, and one of the three, never being hit by a plane – and supposedly collapsing, (and into it's own footprint, mind you), due to "small office fires", was N.I.S.T's conclusion; yet another "first". Which, by the way has just recently been proved absolutely and unequivocally 'impossible' by a 2-year meticulous study at the University of Alaska (the paper is now up for peer-review), led by Dr. Leroy Hulsey who's the highly accredited head of their structural engineering dept. there at U.AL, that there;s "no way in the world building 7 collapsed due to fires". if Penn really believes all the total B.S. that's been spoon-fed to us by our beloved U.S. govt. regarding that fateful day,… our govt., who Never-EVER would lie to us (sarc.!),.. than he must be more gullible than all the people he talks about who get taken in these "Bullshit" videos of his. I'll leave you with this one last piece of rubber-fat to chew on: "one of the supposed Al Quaeda pilots that crashed the plane into one of the Twin Towers. in the aftermath , when the black boxes to the planes could not even be found, there 'was' found, on the sidewalk below.. as if lifted by the angels and delicately placed there that day, the PASSPORT of the terrorist pilot of the obliterated plane… in pristine condition! Imagine. Unscathed by what had just occurred. From the pocket of the hijacker, through the horrific crash..and miraculously floating down to safely on the sidewalk below. Totally absurd. Or as Penn himself might say: total F'-ing "BULLSHIT!"

  2. BE honest your PART OF THE CONSPIRACY. The only question is which one: are you a space lizard? A secret tibtetan master? NWO? A vampire (yes seriously theres at least one screwball in recent memory who insisted vampires were infiltrating the US Government)? Oh wait I know you're on the pay roll of the most dastardly of all conspiracy groups…. the brownies (by which I obviously mean the food AND the pre girl scout group). Thats it your secretly out to sell us thin mints damn you.

  3. The fact that the Government couldn't cover-up watergate is the same as they can't cover-up 9/11 . It is obvious that they tried to cover-up 9/11 . That in itself gives suspicion of guilt . Whose involved with the cover-up ? Government, NIST, MEDIA,…ETC . THE INVESTIGATION INTO 9/11 WAS HINDERED AND MANIPULATED. Another investigation is required.

  4. I'm only at 2 minutes of 10:06, but already have a rebuttal before continuing to enjoy this… Real or Fake (I can Question Too) documentation has presented itself of a team or group of "Doctors/Scientists" doing bad experiments on humans. They kept their mouth shut!!! ~ And I do question 9-11 a bit, but imagining if some spoke out about it!? – You would have an ENTIRE NATION hating you, you didn't speak sooner?! Look what happened to Edward Snowden being a Whistle Blower! p.s. Just a thought.

  5. Imagine when in High School, a secret about a classmate starts spreading around. First the classmate secret starts in truth with "Joey and Amanda made out after the Movies" then after 4 people pass it on "You hear? Amanda gave Joey a blowjob at the Movies, what a Slut" and then 10 "Dudes! Joey fucked Amanda last night INSIDE the Movie Theatre!" and then finally 35 "Hey, that guy Joey. He raped Amanda last night. I heard she's Pregnant". If small High School gossip can warp an entire true story in less than 7 hours then I think a World conspiracy will be coated in many shades of Bullshit when it makes it back around.

  6. Of course everything is a not a conspiracy- some things are what they are. But you have to do your research and not leave your brain on the floor. Open up your eyes and do some fuckin research and you will see that the world is not getting any better but worse and more evil. Satan is the father of lies. They said Jesus and his followers were fools back then and no one listened more and more today as satan keeps on fooling the sheeple. So keeping sucking it up fools – believe CNN, The Queen, Pope, smooth talkin Obama and his tranny wife, Hollyweird and the pedos and perverts. Ya its all good in this fake world.

  7. Just my take on the 9/11 conspiracy theories, and there's lots of them, the fact that four of the hijackers were on watch lists yet still managed to obtain entry visas into the United States doesn't so much smack of conspiracy as much as governmental ineptitude, the firewalls erected between federal and foreign intelligence gathering bodies e.g. F.B.I. and the C.I.A. stands out as an act of monumental stupidity given the amount of intelligence gathered over a period of years on the stated intention of al-quaida. The deputy director of counter terrorism Richard Clarke said it best ' we dropped the ball we had all kinds of indications that something was going to happen and we failed miserably '

  8. You're a doucebag Penn. Probably up to your neck in the child sex trafficking ring. You on one of the snuff films? I know all about them. And a lot of the other ritual shit you weirdos are into. Do any spirit cooking? Yeah I know you didn't get your paltry minute of fame and frankly lame ass career without going thru initiation.

    'I suppose we could be bribed'

    ROFL!!!!! You can ALSO be blackmailed….

    That's right I know….

  9. fuck you penn, you're a fucking tool and fuck you're pro vaccine propaganda! not all vaccines are safe you fucking old ass fool! i hope you get brutally murdered!

  10. Penn Gillette is a freemason I walked into the old Masonic lodge in town and li knew it was him he told me I couldn't be there and he closed the doors on me..

  11. The word "Conspiracy" is used by idiots to shut down critical thinkers. There was a episode on bullshit that said U.S. government surveillance is a conspiracy. If you think that authority is absolute truth and things don't get covered up you are in my opinion a gullible moron. Not all so called conspiracies are wrong as not all are truth.

  12. I am a patient who actually searches up the medications I get. You will not believe the bullshit they do to patients now with these medications. Do not get me wrong, I believe in proper medication. But some of these medications we have in today's world can literally be replaced by having marijuana introduced into our diets. No, not smoking it! I mean to eat it. But to each their own. Either way, when I tried different kinds, I would take some time to analyze what sort of effects I would get during the high. Well I figured out that I can focus more, think more clearly, and be able to express myself better. More importantly once the biggest high is over, the pain relief is still there, causing me to have no problems doing my chores and have no problems with walking.

  13. This guy is a MSM deep state propaganda talking head. Look deeply on-line into any 'terror event' in the Western World since the Oklahoma bombing — and the evidence clearly showing them to be false flags is overwhelming. The question is why aren't we seeing this evidence in MSM where Penn is a major media monopoly mouthpiece constantly in everyone's face backing up the official story? Learn about The Smith-Mundt Act of 2012 making faked news for government propaganda purposes legal in The West — to begin to see the truth behind Penn's message.

    Re, Penn defending YT copyright infringement claims: free speech law dictates that you can feature copyrighted material for the purposes of presenting news, social commentary or satire. So YT (owned by the CIA, a primary 'investor') is falsely claiming copyright infringement very selectively to shut down citizen journalist channels that expose the deep state corruption where they are appropriately showing images and video segments related to the news events on which they are commenting. This is blatant violation of our legal right of free speech.

  14. A guy that would suck his own cock if he could physically do it… wants us to believe he's above taking money to talk bullshit he doesn't believe.. Makes total sense to me.

  15. I came here for a completely different reason, but attacking , " most", conspiracy theories, as completely false, then, issuing a dare, to be bought, really sounds like he is for sale. Just out of curiosity, what has Dr. Judy Woods, gained? I can point you to what the buddy of our POTUS gained from 911, can you show me what the Dr. gained? I am really let down , as I had respected Penn before this. I have to add , A whole country, and vast percentage of the world, has kept religion (s) secrets. What in the fuck makes you think a well paid/threatened administration can not?

  16. Watergate was a soft coup, that's why it was not covered up like JFK etc. 9/11 Truthers have a lot of credible professionals who know science. Mr. Penn. you are a science shmuck, and your specialty is a master of magic – in other words you find it sexy to pull the wool over peoples eyes. Leroy Hulsey is a USA university professor who teaches structural engineering. I'll take his word on 9/11, not yours.

  17. Penn, I dare you to look up 'OPERATION NORTHWOODS'. The fact that JFK stopped it from going through doesn't prove that the USA isn't capable of evil. This operation was signed by ALL the Joint Chiefs. Now STFU!

  18. 9/11 wasn't a conspiracy in the everyday sense of the word, it was quite out in the open. There was the first plan, to demolish the WTC complex for the insurance money, and then someone said, "hey while they are doing that, lets do this, this,this, this, this and this. and blame it all on THEM!" So basically on a day when the Air Force was doing a training excercise about hijacked planes, and FEMA in NYC for a terrorist drill, 19 REAL terrorists came in and fooled them all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now thats whats called in my neck of the woods…..BULLSHIT!

  19. do you know where aspirin came from? it's derived from plants like willow which was used as alternative medicine since ancient sumer and egypt

    if fact modern medicine is looking at alternative medicines as sorces of other possible cures

  20. Of course there's always going to be some crazy conspiracies but if you use her brain there's going to be some that really have some validity in them so of course if you use your intelligence you can guard against it, but yes the moon conspiracy and the 911 ones are very seductive mentally to examine but there's going to be no proof either way until somebody really really blows a whistle and doesn't get killed and gets printed!

  21. But to be fair you should mention all the conspiracy theories that have come true over the world like us starting Wars and then putting fake news articles in the newspaper on how the war started! Also just because we got a sloppy coverup, doesn't mean there's not thousands we didn't get!

  22. Now ain't it obvious that governments, big pharma, NASA, militaries and the like refuse to hire a single honesrt human being? JK..

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