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  1. my brother keeps on drowning picture's with the ilominode it all started 1 week ago and know anything he drowls has an eye and a triangle. sorry for misspelled words I am only 9 years old. i'm girl not a boy.

  2. rewatching the wizard of oz, remember the line, "Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." apparently the line is, "I've gout a felling we're not in Kansas anymore" um…who else remembers it being I don't think not I've got a feeling….? please tell me I'm not alone ?

  3. SHANE I HAVE A MANDELLA EFFECT. Ok so I was watching a video on YouTube and there was an ad for Wendy's new thing on its menu ( I actually forgot what it was) and it was something with siracha, AND IT SAID SRIRACHI. I even searched it up and it's still sriracha not siracha. Even my family was confused and told me that they remember it being siracha

  4. OMG, NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT MICKEY.. I don't think he has EVER had suspenders… and with the KitKat one i've never seen the dash..

  5. shane In the movie "the Mask" Jim Carrey's character the main character says in a scene in reference to sally field and I quote, "they like me, they really like me"

  6. GUYS!! I just figured out a Mandela effect that almost everyone can agree on, and to my knowledge has NOT been brought up. This morning, when I was doing my makeup, it came to me. Deja Vu The feeling we get when we think we have experienced something before. If we moved into an alternate universe, we remember things being different, yet we could still remember doing something. What do you think?

  7. I don't know about other Celtic countries but definitely in Ireland, 'Mc' is pronounced "Mac'. My last name is 'McCarthy' and some people in Ireland will spell it 'MacCarthy' or 'McCarthy' it doesn't really matter which way it's spelt at 'Mc' is just an abbreviation of 'Mac'

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