1. Gorilaz was actually two people. They haven't gone dead. They created a new album a few months ago, both people are still alive, and they said the point of the band was to get kids to stop pigeon holing themselves with music. Which is why some of their songs feature pop, rap, even rock.

  2. I think that she is controlled by a hologram company, and someday she will be one of the first holograms that walks around and talks to people like a real person.

  3. I have a conspiracy theorie what if Shane wanted a big conspiracy to talk about so he talked to ryland a said to him what if we we make up this fake Instagram account this person and let's hire a girl to make the voice of lil miquela and that girl is how lil miquela and now he has a big conspiracy to talk about

  4. Who noticed she said we alot and she doesn't want to go to Shane in person because doesn't want to be on camera………………………………,……. Insta

  5. The Realistic video game is filmed with real people doing those actions and talking but they make models and put it over them, that's why they look so real

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